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Q: How does scoring in bowling work?
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How do you make a sentence with scoring?

In bowling, scoring is important to see who has one the game.

In scoring with bowling what is it when a split becomes a spare?

It is still scored as a spare.

Who is on the board of AMF Bowling?

It depends on if you are speaking of the AMF center chain or speaking of QubicaAMF, which is the manufacturer of scoring equipment, pins, bowling balls, etc.

Why is it called baker bowling system?

The scoring system was named after Frank K. Baker who designed the system in the 1950s. In doubles, the team players take turns in bowling frames instead of bowling separate games.

How do you keep score in no tap bowling?

Scoring is done as normal, however if 9 pins or all pins are knocked down with the first ball, the score is considered a strike for scoring purposes.

What does a dash in bowling mean?

A dash is used in scoring to indicate no pins were knocked down.

Which action is performed at a cricket match?

Batting, bowling, fielding, and scoring runs occur in a cricket match.

Will Manteca bowling let a man with Epilepsy work there?

"Will Manteca bowling let a man with Epilepsy work there?"

Where to find free bowling games?

Go to work for a bowling alley.

Are dacos scoring system spare parts easy to find?

We have dacos scoring system in our bowling center but most of the monitors are no longer functioning. if we repair it now, how long will it last and are spare parts still available

What are the things you need to make a bowling center?

Pinsetters, lanes, ball returns, approaches, settee area, furniture, scoring equipment, front desk, rental shoes, house bowling balls, parts, etc.

How do you get the clown achievement in bowling buddies Facebook?

Simply finish a round without scoring any points.its harder than it seemsso go slower!!!!!!