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because FAT people are ugly and STUPID!

Search Dan Fletcher on Facebook for refernce into fat, ugly people.


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over fat can affect sport'sz performance b'cosz yu can go too overfat and then for example in a runniing match you'll get out of breath really quiickly and can lose iin a match!!

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Because you can't run as fast or jump as high so players have to be athletic and have high fitness

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you wont be fit to fat to do anything

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Q: How does over fat effect sports performance?
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Which sports is over 10 percent body fat optimal for performance in competition?


How does pregnancy effect you in sports?

it does not effect you in any way. the fat will stay there until you have a baby.

How does having a bad nutrition effect your sporting performance?

If you are fat you cant run. If you smoke your lung capacity decreases. If you take drugs you will become skinny and weak.

What is one negative effect of eating a diet high in fat?

you jiggle all over the place!!!!!

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How does weight effect participation in sports?

It depends on if that weight is muscle or fat and if the sport requires running. In general if the weight is muscle than you are better at that sport.

What can you do if you are 14 and have a fat stomach?

Eat healthier foods and do more exercise like sports or biking or swimming. Have sugar free drinks instead of regular ones, but you can't just lose belly fat. You will lose fat all over =)

What sports to endomorphs play?

nothing there fat

Why do you have sports?

For entertainement to keep fit not fat

Why are sports good for your body?

sports are good for you because it burns off fat on your stomach

How do sports change the world?

People can get active AND NOT FAT!

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