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they sell food

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Q: How does new York make money on the jets and giants?
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Does New York make money from the Giants and Jets?

yes they do make money from both the giants and the jets

What division does New York Jets play in?

The Yankees play in the American League East Division. The other teams that make up the East Division are the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Did the New York Giants go to the playoffs in 2012?

No. The New York York Giants didn't make the playoffs in 2012.

Did the New York Jets make it to the 2010 Super Bowl?

No, they did not.

Were the 2006 New York Jets a fluke or will they make the playoffs again in 2007?

The Jets went 4-12 in 2007.

Will the New York Jets win the super bowl 2011?

No. They didn't make it to the Super Bowl.

Mafia Wars private jets are where?

Make a deal with the Mexican cartel in boss tier of New York

Is it possible for the New York Jets to make it in the playoffs in 2011?

There was some chance if in Week 17 they won and and the Bengals, Titans, and Raiders or Broncos all lost, but the Jets were defeated and the Titans won, knocking the Jets out of the playoffs.

Did the New York Giants make the playoffs last year?

The New York Giants, a football team, didn't make the playoffs last year (2009). They ended the season with a 8-8 record. The baseball New York Giants, who moved to San Francisco in 1957, did not make the playoffs in 2009 -- they came in third, behind the Colorado Rockies and Los Angeles Dodgers.

How much money will Brett Favre make in 2008?

Brett will make around 10.5 million because he is with the Jets instead of the Packers

Has any nfl team with a 2-5 record ever gone on to make the playoffs?

2002 New York Jets

What was the record for the New York Jets in 2011?

The Jets went 8-8 in 2011, second in the AFC East and failed to make the playoffs. For more information check out and for more Jets information follow the link on the website to the jets101 site.