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Well, when you are serving overhand the ball will go straight over your head until the outside force (your hand) will act upon the volleyball making it go over the net.

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Q: How does inertia apply to volleyball?
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How is inertia related to volleyball?

Inertia is essentially an object's resistance to acceleration. When a volleyball player sends the ball flying, its inertia is what keeps it moving with speed. If inertia didn't exist, the ball would fall straight to the ground, and the game would be extremely boring.

Is Inertia net force used in tennis?

yes, the physics of inertia apply everywhere that inertia will be

Does the law of inertia apply to moving objects?

Yes it does

What forces apply to bobsledding?

gravity and friction along with inertia

Does the law of inertia apply to moving and non moving objects?

Yes it does.

How does inertia apply to roller coasters?

the tendency of a body to resist acceleration

How does inertia apply to dance?

the inertia is the force at wich an object is moving the heavier the object the further it will travel i think could be wrong but what do you think

How does inertia apply to skateboarding?

Someone moving fast on a skateboard will find it hard to stop quickly because his body has inertia and will resist the change.

Does the law of inertia apply to both moving and non-moving objects?


How does force equals mass x acceleration apply to volleyball?

If the mass and acceleration of the volleyball are known, the force acting on it can be found using the above equation.

How does force summation apply to a volleyball serve?

force summation appiles to every sport

Use the concept of inertia to illustrate why volleyball is not played with a ball that has a mass similar to a bowling ball?

itll breack your fingers or hit you in the face

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How is inertia related to volleyball?

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