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i dont know much about density of air but i do know this, if hot air is in a Basketball in the cold, it should be easier to score as the ball would physically rise if the air is too hot, but pressure would pop the ball first, so that stops it floating away, but yeah, hot air in a ball, on a cold day means the ball will bounce higher, and be easier to shoot, as less power is needed for the same shot, as on a hot day

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Yes, cold temperatures will lower the pressure inside the ball causing it to be less bouncy when playing outdoors. Of course, if you are playing indoors in a heated area, the cold weather outside will have no effect on the ball.

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Yes; hot air takes up more space, so there would be more pressure on the inside of the ball.

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when the molecules are heated the ball expanse when the ball is cooled the molecules decrease

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Q: How does hot and cold air effect a basketball?
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If there is warm air in the balloon, cooler air makes the balloon rise and if there is cold air in the balloon warmer air makes the balloon fall.

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Yes, in hot air the air is a lot thinner so there is less resistance compared to cold air which is a lot denser so more resistance.

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technically hot air does not really rise it is the cold air that sinks below it because it is more dense.