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It slow it down.

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Q: How does friction effect the roll of a ball?
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What effect does friction have on a rolling ball?

If there was no friction then the ball would just slide instead of roll

Why do ball if you roll it will stop?

because of the friction.

Why does a ball come to a stop when you roll it on the floor?

Gravity has a little effect on it. However the main force stopping the ball rolling is the friction force of the floor. The ball will stop rolling when the velocity of the ball is the sames as the velocity of friction force.

Why does a ball roll when you blow on it?

The ball rolls when you blow on it because of Friction.

Is the effect of grass or dirt surface on the distance a ball can roll?

Grass makes a ball roll slower then it would on a dirt surface. This is because the long grass blades cause more friction on the ball slowing it down.

What effect does fraction have on the velocity of the ball?

Do you mean "What effect does friction have on the velocity of the ball?"

The type of friction that makes a tire turn and a ball roll is called?

Static friction

Why does a ball stop when it is roll?

Because of rolling friction, gravity, and fliuid friction (air)

What are uses of friction?

Friction is when you roll a bowling ball down an bowling alley or when you kick a soccer ball. Hope this helped

Why does a ball roll farther ondirt than grass?

because grass has more friction for ball to roll than dirt.

How do you make a ball roll slowly down a ramp?

apply friction a rough surface cardboard for example, the rougher it is the slower the ball will roll but to much friction and it will stop altogether.

Why can't you roll a ball forever on a level surface?

because friction acts on the ball.

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