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Whenever the gymnast is not in contact with something ... such as the parallel bars,

the mat, the beam, the trapeze, or the rings ... [s]he is undergoing a downward

acceleration of 9.8 meters per second2. [S]he must take that into account, and be

sure to complete the current maneuver, or at least be in an appropriate position, by

the time contact with one of those external objects is re-established.

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Q: How does force affect gymnastics?
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Does gymnastics use force?

Yes, gymnastics does use force. Force is actually one of the most importan requirements in gymnastics. You need force to push up into a handstand, you need force to kick over in a backbend, you need force to push off the ground when you rebound, you need force for alot of things in gymnastics.

What is flexible workforce?

it means that the work force is good at gymnastics

What year did the rule for a sixteen year minimum for women's gymnastics come into affect?

The International Federation of Gymnastics passed that rule in 1992.

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Who does physics affect in gymnastics?

Physics affects the gymnast in gymnastics. Think about it...gravity is the force that pulls the gymnast down. Newton's first law of motion (an object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force) is applied when the gymnast is rotating on the bars; his or her own momentum is the force that propels them. Newton's second law of motion (force=mass x acceleration) is applied when the gymnast is trying to move: the heavier the gymnast, the more force is necessary to make him or her move. Newton's third law of motion (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) applies when the beam is supporting the gymnast: the beam exerts an equal force on the gymnast to keep him or her from falling over. So, there you go!

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it can give you fame which affects your life at the same time if you don't get it right you can get incredibly injured and that can affect your life to hope i was helpful :D

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Most say that being taller can affect your skills with gymnastics. This is only half true. Most men are taller than women, and they compete in the Olympics. Every body is different, and each (being tall and small) has its advantages. If you want to try competitive gymnastics, sometimes being tall will make it tough. Sometimes you may be moved up a division due to your height. If you are doing recreational gymnastics, it will not affect you much at all.

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