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the more elasticity in a ball, the higher it bounces. The elastic stretches more and causes the ball to gain more kinetic energy.

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Q: How does elasticity affect a ball's bounce?
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Does the warm temperature affect the bounce of a ball?

Yes. 'Warm' increases the elasticity. Cold decreases the elasticity. Extreme cold can make the substances brittle and not bounce at all.

Why don't balls bounce on liquid water?

They do when you throw them hard enough. The elasticity of water depends on the speed of impact.

Do some balls bounce more then others?

yes they do some balls just have more elasticity than others and some are made of different materials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................................... NO PROB!!

Does temperature affect how high ping pong balls bounce?


How high will an orange tennis ball bounce?

Color does not affect the bounce. Purple tennis balls bounce as high as green and yellow tennis balls. It really depends on the type of ball.

Would the weight of a basketball affect the bounce?

Bounce is affected by the elasticity of the ball and its internal pressure. The more elastic and optimum pressure, the better the bounce. However, weight is another factor, a heavy ball with the same elasticity and internal pressure as another ball will not bounce as high since force is a function of mass and velocity.

What is the bounce factor of a basketball?

Several factors affect the bounce of a basketball including the height that it was dropped from. The bounce factor includes elasticity, air pressure, force applied to it, and how rigid the surface is that the ball is bounced on.

How does the size affect the height of a balls bounce?

because a small ball has more density

How does rain affect a balls bounce?

rain can sometimes get into the seams of the ball and break it apart

How does Temperature affect the bounce of a golf ball?

Q: How does temperature affect the distance that a golf ball will travel?A: Golf balls are made from a solid or liquid core with tightly-wound materials, and require a certain amount of elasticity in order to release kinetic energy during a collision (bounce). The property of elasticity is affected by temperature. Warm balls have a greater ability to flex during a collision, thereby recovering more kinetic energy than golf balls at colder temperatures. This scientific principle is called the coefficient of restitution. Simply put, the ball's 'bounciness' is dependent on the elasticity of the materials, and the bouncier the ball, the farther it will travel when struck by a golf club.

How does the material on a ball affect its bounce?

Most balls in this case are made of rubber, the thicker or more dense the rubber the less the bounce

Do all balls bounce?

No medicine balls do not bounce unless you throw them on a trampoline.

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