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best form of attack is defence

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Q: How does defense apply to basketball?
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What is the basketball team without possession of the basketball l?


What is defense in basketball?

Defense in basketball is when a team is on their own side of the court defending their basket, so that the other team does not score on them.

Can defense push the offense in basketball?


How manyoffense players are on a basketball team?

in basketball, there aren't offense players and defense player. everybody on the team knows how to play offense and defense

Man to man defense in basketball?

This is one of the most agressive forms of defense used in basketball. This is when each player has their own man on the oposing to to gaurd while on defense. This is the defense that takes the most endurance to run correctly and effectively.

How do you join basketball?

you apply for it

What is full court press defense in basketball?

I have no idea what full press defense is. You tell me.

What thing should you have in basketball?

defense skills

What types of defense are there in basketball?

Man and zone.

How do you protect the basketball from the defense?

By shielding from your opponents.

Name three types of defenses in basketball?

Man-to-man Defense Zone Defense Press Defense

When the other team has the ball you are on what in basketball?

When your team doesn't have the ball that means you're on defense

What has the author Fran Webster written?

Fran Webster has written: 'Basketball's amoeba defense' -- subject(s): Basketball, Coaching, Defense, History, Offense

What is a defensive position?

In basketball, the defensive position is the stance you are in while guarding an opponent (defense) in basketball.

What do grant hill do in basketball that was so important?

He do the basketball playing. He do the dribble, he do the pass, he do the shoot, and he do the defense.

What are 2 kinds of defense in basketball?

Man And Zone

What has the author Ken Johnson written?

Ken Johnson has written: 'Coaching winning basketball with the overplay-pressure defense' -- subject(s): Basketball, Coaching, Defense

What are some basic rules of basketball?

The basic rules of basketball is violation, double dribble, offense, and defense. They are containing with basketball.

How do you tackle in basketball?

You do not tackle in defense of basketball. You challenge or contest shots and try and pressure them to force them back.

What is zone defense?

A zone defense is a strategy used in a basketball game. Zone defense- a defensive strategy where everyone guards an area instead of a player.

Which position plays mostly defense in basketball?

All positions play defense. If not all positions played defense, someone would always be open.

How does sliding friction apply to basketball?


To whom should one apply to become a military defense lawyer?

To become a military defense lawyer, you should apply with recruiters via the ROTC program. You do not have to originally be a lawyer first to become a military defense lawyer.

Can you call a timeout on defense in college basketball?

No. You can only do it on offense.

Two defense techniques in basketball?

the zone and player-player!

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