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well in the modern thay wore no close

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Q: How does compare with the modern Olympics games?
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What are the modern games played at the Olympics?

there are many modern games played in olympics. such as cycling etc they are fun to watch

Who is the person responsible for the modern Olympics Games?

zac bakewoods

Modern Olympics How do they prepare for the games?

tell them they are in

What were modern Olympics games and events?


Which famous distance race of the modern Olympics was not part of the ancient games?

hi which famous distance race of the modern Olympics was not part of the ancient games?

When was fencing introduced in the Olympics?

Fencing has been a part of the Modern Olympics since the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896.

When did the Olympics change from a Laural Crown to a medal?

The modern Olympics began to use medals in the 1896 games. The 1896 games were held in Athens, Greece. It was the very first of the modern Olympic games.

What year was gymnastics in the Olympics?

Gymnastics has been in the Modern Olympics since the first games in 1896.

Haw many modern Olympics have been held?

The Modern Olympics trace their roots back to Greece. There have been thirty Summer Olympics and 22 Winter games held during the Modern era.

Were did the modern Olympics start?

The first modern Olympic games where held in Athens, 1896

Which city was home to the first Olympics?

It depends on what era of the Games that your talking about. The Ancients Olympics were held at Olympia, hence the name Olympics. And in the 1800s, when the Modern Olympics started; Athens was the first city to host the new Games.

When and where the first modern Olympics games held?

It held in Olimpia.