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In contemporary you try to 'challenge the lines of Ballet' by this I mean contracting and working in parralell

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Q: How does classical ballet and contemporary dance differ?
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Related questions

What are different types of ballet dance?

classical and contemporary ballet

When was contemporary dance created?

1950s, as the dance form that is combining the modern dance elements and the classical ballet elements.

Classification of dance?

contemporary danceclassical balletfolk dancemodern danceballroom dance

What is contempuary ballet?

Contemporary ballet is a mixture of classical ballet with modern dance elements. A strong foundation of ballet is maintained with the addition of new movement that isn't confined to the restrictions of strictly classical ballet. Contemporary ballet companies to look into or search on youtube: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Alonzo King's Lines Ballet Company C Contemporary Ballet Company La La La Human Steps Netherland Dance Theatre

What classifies modern versus contemporary dance?

Modern dance is diversed from Classical Ballet where the dancers/choreographers try to break the rules and strict of Classical...i.e., in Classical the dancers tend to dance on turn out most of the time and seems to concentrate to work on their legs , whereas in Modern is dance in turn-in feet and use the spines and focus on relaxation of upper body. Contemporary is the dance style that combined or influenced by other dance style but still based on relaxation and freedom of movement rather than rigid as in classical ballet.

What type of dances do they dance in ny?

In New York you can find any and every kind of dance. Classical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Musical Theater. Whatever you are looking for New York has it.

How many styles of ballet dancing are there?

There is only one style of ballet.However, There are lots of similar dance styles to ballet, for example Lyrical Modern or Contemporary.IMPROVED ANSWER..There are three main styles of ballet, classical, neoclassical, and contemporary ballet. They are all ballet, although the way of performing and the vocabulary and technical aspect of them are different. Classical ballet is a more formal type and follows traditional ballet techniques. It isn't as strict and you can get away with mistakes easily. It was the beginning of pointe work and the shoe was a regular ballet slipper with a tightened tip. Neoclassical ballet, on the other hand, is decidedly more strict. The dancers often dance at faster and more difficult tempos. The spacing on stage is also more modern and organization is more varied. Contemporary ballet was influenced by classical ballet and modern dance. It takes some pointe techniques from classical ballet, although it is less strict. It is influenced by modern dance in terms of the positions of the body and how you move. George Balanchine is considered a major innovator toward the introduction of contemporary ballet.Another Answer:There are five different styles or syllabuses from different countries.

Why did Isadora duncan invent contemporary dance?

She invented contemporary dacne because classical ballet wasnt slef expressed enough, and she fought that it need more soul and so she made contemporary, which is how dancers now show their feelings through dance.

Are contemporary dance and modern dance the same thing?

Yes x :) but you can also have contemporary ballet which is a modern version of ballet. x

What music do classical ballet dances dance to?

they dance to classical music

In which countries did contemporary dance begin?

contempuary dancing begun in Europe by dancers who started to rebal against rigid constraints of classical ballet.

Diffences between 20th century ballet and classical ballet?

20th century ballet is more modern than the typical plie, tondue, arabesk. It has awkward movements and turned in feet with arms out of typical position. The best way to put it is "Breaking Boundaries" a more contemporary dance than classical ballet. Contemporary ballet, you should watch it to understand more :) here's a link --->

Is ballet classical?

Ballet is one of the first types of dance and uses classical music so it is very classical.

What is the difference between classical ballet neoclassical and contemporary ballet?

Well classical ballet is slow and flowey and in contemporary ballet it has got a jazz in itThat's a pretty good question. Well, to be honest, classical ballet has a slow, fluid motion to it. Neoclassical is very retro, sort of using the style of the long surviving classical dance with the type of music and motion.Contemporary ballet is more modern, faster. More rapid.Classical ballet is the foundation of all ballet dance. It is the name given to the art form which spawned neo-classical and, later, contemporary ballet. All ballet dancers are trained in the classical style.What we call Classical ballets today are generally those that came from the latter half of the 19th century, when the development of pointe shoes led to a dramatic rise in the popularity of the art form. Ballets such as "Giselle", "Les Syhlpides" and "Swan Lake" constitute the Classical repertoire. Most often, there is a story to the ballet, but there are exceptions, such as "Pas de Quatre".Neoclassicism is generally attributed to George Balanchine, founder of the New York City Ballet. He favored technique over theatrics, so many of his ballets are performed with no sets. Very few Balanchine ballets have a story line.Contemporary ballet is often choreographed to modern music. Take, for instance, "Billboards" by the Joffery Ballet. It is energetic, expressive, and dynamic. It is diverse as our culture, but still looks best when done by classically trained artists.

Why do people dance contemporary dance?

(I think) It is because they do not want to dance Ballet. According to what I have heard, Contemporary is supposed to be against Ballet, and it was supposed to be for people who want to break free from the rules of Ballet. The woman that invented Contemporary probably learned Ballet and probably found it very restricted and questioned about (e.g.) why the positions were like that and why she could not do it another way. I think that is why she invented Contemporary.

Is modern dance the same thing as ballet?

Modern is not the same thing as ballet as ballet is classical movements of the body and modern is modern dance but it is not the same as street dance, as it can be classical but not ballet.Also for modern you can wear dance trainers which you cannot use in ballet.Ballet you would have to wear point(e) shoes and soft ballet shoes.

What is the most popular style of dance today?

There are many, but the most popular would probably be classical ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop and tap.

What are some dance genres that originated from ballet?

from ballet, contemporary evolved, to be a good contemporary dancer u need to be ballet trained, modern jazz also developed from ballet.

Who invented contemporary ballet?

Contemporary ballet is said to have been started by George Balanchine. Baryshnikov was a student of this type of dance.

What is the name of a dance that uses moves like ballet but isn't ballet?


How do you spell ballet?

That is the correct spelling of "ballet" (classical dramatic dance).

What is the romantic ballet?

Just classical ballet. Maybe a partnering dance

What is a ballet?

A ballet is a classical form of dance, or a theatrical performance of such a dance, usually with music and in the form of a story.

What is the difference between Contemporary dance and modern Jazz?

according to ebiswagg in contemporary dance, when you dance it you dance from the inside and you make it soft and interprets whit the dance. you have to be good in ballet for you to dance the modern jazz,because its mostly your ballet technique you use.

What are the similarities of contemporary and classical ballet?

The fundamental: Ballet training. All leg and arm positions are basically the same, with any performance it is perfectly acceptable in both branches of ballet to "cheat" and stylize the details (like angle of hands or head) a bit. In Classical, however, there are limits to how much one can do. For example, rarely in a Classical ballet class do they ask you to work with parallel legs: they must always be turned out. Additionally, costumes and music are usually classical as well. Costume is pink tights, and some form of tutu, at least. Contemporary ballet is easier to define. It might, choreographically, appear to be a mixture of modern or lyrical dance and ballet. Costuming and music doesn't have to be classical either. It's really quite supportive of experements.