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Q: How does burrow's solution stabilize during its preparation?
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Why h3po4 is added to mohr's salt during permanganometry?

to stabilize the permanganate solution or to avoid its decomposition or reduction

Why is Ammonia solution added while preparing EDTA solution?

ammonia solution is added during the preparation of EDTA solution to increase the rate of dissolution of its disodium salt.

Is the preparation of sugar solution physical change?

Yes. Both the sugar and the water (or other solvent) remain the same chemicals. Since no chemical change occurs during creation of the solution, it is a physical change.

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Why do you use iodine solution during the preparation of slide of onion peel?

So that you can observe different characteristics of the cell clearer such as the nucleus, vacuoles or other membrane bound organelles.

Why is 2 4 DiNitroPhenylHydrazone washed with methanol when prepared?

2,4-dinitrohydrazine used during the preparation is a base and may form hydrazonium ion in solution, for the removal of this methanol is used.

Where do desert animals hide during a hot day?

in the sand and burrows

How does a armadillo adapts?

they live in burrows during the the day and to hide from predetors

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rectus abdominus

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deflicts are incurred during recession and surpluses during inflaions.

Why do meerkats only leave their burrows during the day?

to protect it from sun burn

To avoid loss of nutrients during food preparation?

to avoid loss of nutrients food preparation