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An octopus can fit tis entire body into a space regardless of its size because it has no bones and is an invertabrate. THE OTOPUS WILL SQUISH ITSELF AND MOVE AROUND UNTILL IT FITS THERE. :)

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Q: How does an octopus fits its entire body into any space regardless of its size?
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Who does octopus move in the body in the water?

He does octopus move body water in the Bob man.

The ability to change the position of the entire body in the space with speed and accuracy?


A fish that can hide its pancake-shaped body in the sand or mud?

An octopus can hide its body in the sand or mud.

Where is an octopus mouth?

An octopus' mouth is centered on the underside of the body in the middle of the tentacles. Fun fact: an octopus has a beak.

What does octopus have on its body?

An octopus has ..... Wait why do you care about octupuses it's not like you are one

What is on the outer body of an octopus?


Where are the octopus hearts located?


How does the octopus communicate with each other?

Octopus communicate with each other by the movement of their body and the change of body colors.

How does Dr Octopus scratch an itch?

He has four extra arms to use in order to scratch an itch. He has no need for a back scratcher, his extra limbs can reach his entire body easily.

How meany bones are there in a octopus?

Octopus don't really have bones; though they do have one bony body part, the beak. The octopus's beak is located at the center of the underside of the body, in between all the legs.

How did doctor octopus be doctor octopus from Spider Man?

He got irradiated, fusing the arms to his body.

How many body segments does an octopus have?