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An athlete wins a javelin competition if he or she is able to throw the furthest legal throw within the official rounds of the competition.

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Q: How does an individual win in Javelin?
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How does an individual become the winner in a javelin throw?

they win when they do all the phases and steps perfectly

How do you play javelin?

You play javelin by throwing a javelin and if you get it the furthest you win

How they win when playing Javelin?

the person that throws the javelin the bigger distance from the start win first-sixth.

Does a javelin thrower have to throw the javelin over a pole to win?

No - the thrower must simply throw the javelin the furthest distance with both a legal delivery and landing of the implement.

What does Odysseus win during the games at Phaeacia?


How does an individual becomw the winner of a javelin event?

They have to throw the javelin further than the rest of the competitors. once a person throws their javelin, the distance is measured and recorded. once everyone has thrown, the winner is determined.

Did fatima whitbread ever win an olympic gold medal?

No ... she won a bronze in javelin at the 1984 Games in Los Angeles and a silver in javelin at the 1988 Games in Seoul but no gold.

Who won the javelin event at the 2004 Olympic Games?

What javelin mean? For the above, who ever wrote that, it means, an event where you have to throw a javelin as far as you can. And for the country that won the 2004 Olympic Games for the event Javelin, it's Russia. Answer 2:No, sorry. The track and field events, as javelin, are individual, not nations. The winner of the javelin in 2004 Olympics was Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway. The bronze medalist was a Russian.

How far did Tessa Sanderson throw her javelin to win the Olympic gold medal?


What is individual sport?

individual sport would be something like javelin, or sprinting in the olympics etc where as things like football and netball are team sports.

What medals did Linda Stahl win in London 2012?

She won a bronze medal for the Javelin in Athletes

What medal did England win in the commenwealth in1982?

yes,they won a bronze in javelin and 200m in mens

What are the skills in javelin?

hold it tight and drop the sharp part on ur head (it will make you win)

What are the basic skills in javelin?

hold it tight and drop the sharp part on ur head (it will make you win)

How do you win in javelin throw?

by building up mucles and energy excersise your arm every spare time you have

What can you use for javelin except javelin?

A Javelin

Who was the only athelete to win a medal in high jumping hurdling and javelin?

Mildred Ella (Babe) Didrikson Zaharias

How many Olympics medals did tessa sanderson win and where did she win them?

Tessa won 1 Olympic medal, a gold in javelin throw, at the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

What is a person who uses a javelin?

The person who uses a javelin or participates in the sport is called a javelin thrower. The javelin throwers throw the javelin by the use of their hands.

How many Olympic gold medals did Tessa Sanderson win and where did she win them?

Tessa won 1 Olympic gold medal, in javelin throw, at the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles.

When did Walter lippmann win the gold olympic medal in Javelin?

He won it in 1918, shortly after rescuing a group of orphans from a burning building.

Who was the only athlete ever to win an olympic medal in high-jumping hurdling and javelin-tossig?

Babe Didrikson at the 1932 Summer Olympics.

What is the objective of the javelin event?

The objective of Javelin is to throw the javelin over the greatest possible distance.

Is javelin an abstract noun?

No, a javelin is something you can see or hold so javelin is a concrete noun.

How many individual events are there in a heptathlon?

There are seven individual events in the heptathlon; these are the: 100m hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 meter dash, long jump, javelin throw and 800 meter run.