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Inertia is a physicl property that affect the ability of an object to change its state of motion. In another word, a tennis ball is easy to throw and is easy to stop. However, a train is very difficult to pull, but once it is started to move, it is very difficult to stop it. So, the mass of the object is the criterium you may consider when discussing inertia.

As for Basketball, the mass of the ball will affect the plyer's initial ability to launch the ball in the correct trajectory, and to hit the basket. Also a heavier ball will have more gravitational force, bringing it faster toward the ground.

There are also other factors, such as the strength and the height of the player.

Obviously, the heavier the ball is the more difficult for the plyer to repeat the motion.

I hope I started the discussion, but not so technical

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Inertia is the resistance of items that change their motion. In basketball, when a player jumps to block a shot, they cannot change their direction in the air, as they can only change it when they land on the court.

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Momentum is the transfer of energy, and acceleration is the gradual increase of velocity in an object. In tennis, the acceleration of your racket head allows more momentum between the strings and the ball. In other words, the faster your racket HEAD moves, the faster the ball will travel.

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Players can become excited and play better if they are winning or just have momentum. If it's a home crowd, then they make more noise. Result? Better basketball!

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Q: How does acceleration or momentum affect how tennis is played?
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Tennis ball have momentum?

Momentum is calculated by taking the product of mass times velocity. Thus, a moving tennis ball would have a nonzero momentum. However, since a tennis ball has a relatively small mass, it would need to have a high velocity in order to have a large value for its momentum. Since velocity is a vector (having both a magnitude and a direction), momentum is also a vector. When a tennis player hits a tennis ball with his racket, he imparts a force onto the tennis ball, which changes the direction of its momentum to return it over the net. (The value for this change in momentum is called impulse, which is equal to the product of the force applied and the time for which it is applied.)

Is there acceleration in tennis?


Does weight affect how far a catapult launches a tennis ball?

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Disregarding the fact that that's a rather moronic question, momentum is required to maintain the movement of the ball through the air from side to side. Without momentum the ball would be stationary, along the the tennis rackets and players body. Which would defeat the purpose of the game.

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The ball keeps moving forward because of its momentum, which is not a force.

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