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It goes to Overtime (in other words, they add an extra quarter to the game), which is 5 minutes long. The team who has the highest points after the overtime ends up winning the game. If they are still tied after the overtime, they have another overtime, and they continue having overtime until one team gets a higher score than the other after the overtime.

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Q: How does a tie basketball game end?
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Has a basketball game end in a tie?

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Is their a limit to how many overtimes in playoff nba games?

No. A basketball game cannot end in a tie, therefore, the teams will play as many overtime periods as needed to break the tie.

Can a regular season baseball game end in a tie?

No it is impossible for a regular season baseball game to end in a tie. The longest game ever played was 26 innings long. No tie there.

Can a basketball game end as a tie?

no you go into over time:) If a game ends up in a tie then you would go into over time. The quarters would be 5 minutes long and then at the end of the 5 minutes which ever team is ahead will win. However, it is still tied at the end of the 5 minutes then you will continue to play 5 minutes every quarter until there is a winner at the end of one of the quarters.

Can you tie in Checkers?

Yes. A checkers game can end in a tie, or draw.

When does a tie-breaker occer?

at the end of a game when the game is tied

Can a world cup soccer game end in a tie?

Depends. If the game is one of the first-round games going for points, then the game can end in a tie. If the game is an elimination game where a loss counts as elimination, a tie is not allowed. Instead, if a tie is present at the end of a 90-minute regulation game, an extra 30 minutes are played. If the tie remains after another 30 minutes, a penalty-kick shootout takes place. The penalty-kick shootout will continue until a winner is declared.

Can Super Bowl end in tie?

No. The game would continue through successive overtimes until somebody scored. No postseason game can end in a tie.

Can Yahtzee end in tie?

Yes, the game of Yahtzee can end in a tie. I don't think it happens too often, but if two players scored the same on all of their throws the game would end in a tie. It is possible that some of the scores would be different but add up to the same score in the end also.

How do you break the tie in basketball league game?

You go into overtime. It would be 5 extra minutes

Will you be charges for a timeout if you have to tie your shoe lace during a Basketball game?

Nope. The refs will allow that.

When can an NFL game end in an tie?

an nfl game can end in a tie after 4 regular quarters of play 15 minutes per half after than you must win in 2 periods of 15 minute overtime if there is no score it ends in a tie.

Can a little league game end in a tie?


How does a World Series game end in a tie?

they dont they have a tie breaker where the two pichers duke it out for the win

Can you still tie at the end of a regular season hockey game?

No. Technically the game can end in a tie if no team scores in the extra 5 minute overtime period, but the current rules require a shootout to determine the winner of the game. Each team gets a point in the season standings for the tie at the end of regulation and the shootout team winner gets an extra point.

How long can a game last basketball?

as long as it takes for a team to win or its just called as a tie and there's a rematch

How can a tie happen in a NFL game?

There can not be a tie at the end of the regular time period of the game. If there is, the teams play overtime. If neither team scores in overtime (15 minutes) in regular season, the game ends in a tie. There are no ties in the playoffs.

Why did the giants vs lions game end in a tie in 1943?

There was no overtime for NFL regular season games in 1943. If the fourth quarter ended and the game was tied, the game was over and recorded as a tie.

Why do basketball coaches wear coats and ties?

Basketball coaches wear coats and ties as a matter of decorum. A game is considered an important event and a coat and tie is appropriate for such an event.

When does a shootout apply in a hockey game?

a hockey game shootout starts at the end of a game ends in a tie they go overtime(who ever scores first) then go on breakways (shootout) a hockey game shootout starts at the end of a game ends in a tie they go overtime(who ever scores first) then go on breakways (shootout)

In football if there is a tie game how can you determine the winner?

If at the end of 4 quarters the game is tied, the game goes into overtime where the first team to score wins. A coin flip determines who gets the ball first. If the game is still tied at the end of the 15 minute overtime period, the game ends in a tie. If it is the playoffs, the game will be played until there is a score.

Will the basketball game end if a team scores a hundred points?


Has an American baseball game ended in a tie 0-0?

Yes, baseball games can end in a tie. After the 5th inning a baseball game is considered a complete game. If weather causes a game to end or it is getting far too late in the evening to finish, the game will end. If it is tied, they will replay the game at another time, usually added to a later game's schedule, turning that day's event into a double-header.

How is a game of basketball game restarted?

it is started by a jump ball, and only last for 5 minutes, who ever is ahead after the five minutes, is the victor (winner). in case of another tie at the end of that overtime, a second overtime would start with the same rules as the first overtime.

In basketball what is a tie ball?

it's when a ball appears on a fan's tie