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to check if a Basketball or any ball is inflated properly, the referee must bounce the ball on the floor to see if it comes back up to a appropriate height for the players. :)

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Q: How does a referee check if the ball is correctly inflated?
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When certifying a teams football equipment do you check and team for mold?

No foreign substance is allowed on the ball. The referee certifies the ball for game play. As a referee I would require the ball to be cleaned of mold or I would not allow it for game play.

What is the size of an NFL football?

An NFL size football is inflated to 7-9 lbs that's all i know. Update: Actually, a correctly inflated ball is filled with air to a pressure of 12.5-13.5 psi.

Does the amount of air in a basketball affect its bounce?

yes, if under it will not bounce correctly and i fover inflated sometimes ball become deformd causing bubbles.

Which property of air keeps a beach ball inflated?

The type of air that keeps a beach ball inflated is kinetic energy.

Does the material of the ball affect the way it bounces?

The material must influence the bounce of a ball: consider an inflated rubber ball versus an inflated aluminum ball. The difference might have to do with the elasticity of the material.

How does ref check that the ball is inflated before the basketball game?

The best food to eat before a basketball game is soul food

How do you inflate a rubber ball?

If it is a solid rubber ball it is not inflated. A hollow ball can be inflated. The more pressure inside, the "harder" the ball will be and the higher it will bounce. To much pressure and you risk rupturing the "rubber" bladder.

What sports are played with a ball that is not inflated or hallow?


What happens to gas particles when air leaks out in an inflated ball?

Gas particles travel from an area of higher pressure to lower pressure when air leaks out of an inflated ball.

When I inflated a soccer ball it had creases that wont go away how do I fix this?

A trick to taking out the wrinkles from a soccer ball that has not been inflated for a while is to let some air out of the ball. Then, air the ball up again while heating the ball with a hair dryer.

How do you use the word referee in a sentence?

I can give you several sentences.He is going to referee the ball game.The referee blew his whistle for half time.They fought for half an hour with no referee.

In soccer when is the ball in play from a dropped ball?

Who has dropped the ball? The referee?! If the referee drops the ball after he interrupted the game the ball is in play when the ball touches the ground. It isn't allowed to score a goal directly from a dropped ball, two players have to touch the ball before the goal counts.

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