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The white ball is heavier than the rest of the balls

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Q: How does a pool table know if the the white ball has been potted?
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Where did your ball go?

in a game of pool when you start it it gose in the D when it has been potted it gose in the D

In a game of pool what is the colour of the cue ball?

White ADD: Again a basic answer that is technically incorrect. The cue ball just needs to be identifiable from the other balls. The cue ball is the ball that you strike with your cue stick. In many games the cue ball will change during the game. Also, with the advent of "larger" cue balls in coin operated tables at pubs, many players will use one of the like sized and weighted balls from the playing set rather than the white cue ball.

In snooker with the six ball wild when all the red balls have been potted what is the numbered balls rotation?

yellow green brown blue pink black

How do you use a score board in snooker?

Similar to pool, snooker is a table top game with generally easy rules. Scoring is broken down by ball color. When one sinks or "pots" a colored ball via the white cue ball points are allocated accordingly. Red balls are worth one point, yellow 2, green 3, brown 4, blue 5, pink 6, and black 7. The winner is determined once all the balls have been potted and points are added up, highest score wins!

How many points are awarde if two reds are potted in one shot in snooker?

ONE point is scored for each red potted on a single stroke, therefore two points would be scored if two reds are potted in one shot (You could pot all fifteen reds and receive fifteen points, although I would not recommend it - see later) The exception to this would be in the case of a free ball being awarded. If a player fouls and leaves his opponent snookered, the referee awards the incoming player a 'free ball'. This means they can nominate a colour as a red (value one point, whatever the colour) and pot it as one would a red, following it with a colour etc. The difference is that if the player were to pot the 'free ball' (as a red) and ANOTHER red in the same stroke, he would only receive ONE point for the ball on, in this case the 'free ball'. He may also use the 'free ball' to pot ANOTHER red in a cannon, thereby receiving one point, as the potted red would also be a ball that was 'on' (an object ball). Any 'free ball' is re-spotted after potting as the colours stay on the table until all the reds are gone. It's actually a disadvantage to the player in stroke to pot more than one red at a time, as by doing so, he robs himself of points that could have been made with an accompanying colour. I once saw the inimitable Alex Higgins make a three red combination in a championship match in which the balls were at least a foot apart. I also once saw FOUR reds potted in a single shot and it was not a trick shot. I hope this answers your question.

What does the term baulk-line mean in snooker?

The Baulk area is marked by a line drawn 29 inches from the bottom cushion. A semi circle with a radius of 11.5 inches centered on this line within Baulk forms the 'D' in which the cue ball must be placed when breaking off, or after the cue ball has been potted, or shot off the table. The position of three of the coloured balls, Green, Pink and Yellow are located along this line prior to the commencement of the game

A ball is rolling across the top of a billiard table and slowly rolls to a stop How would Galileo explain the motion of the ball as it stopped?

The conclusion that would have been reached is that an outside forced stopped the acceleration of the ball. This would have been the force of gravity.

What is the longest time keeping a ping pong ball off the ground?

there is one on me bedside table. been there for about 2 years

Why would a number 7 pool ball have a stripe?

A special 7 ball is made for the game of 7 Ball. 7 Ball was introduced to be essentially identical to 9 ball, but limiting the table to 7 balls to make it a faster game.. this was intended for television tournaments. The idea never did catch on, but 7 ball sets and racks have been sold.

Are the pink ball and the red balls touching in the beginning of a snooker game?

No, the pink must not be touching the nearest red when the table has been set for the start of the game.

What is the origin of the phrase spot on?

The phrase 'spot on', meaning 'in exactly the right place, comes to us from India and the snooker-based game of billiards The six coloured balls were each placed on their respective 'spots' on the table after having been sunk The placement of these coloured balls, unlike the red balls, which were permanently 'sunk' when potted, was critical to the game, so the person re-spotting the coloured balls (other than red, of course) would have to be precisely on the correct spot, or, 'spot on' for the game to be fairly played The critical nature originated from the size of the table; 6' x 12', and the tightness of the pockets; 1.5 x ball diameter, unlike today's 'sloppy' 2 x ball diameter

When is the 2010 2011 Champions League Final Ball Unveiled?

i saw it in my local store white/blue and uses the grip n groove thingy lk the jabulani The white/blue ball the previous answer refers to is the 2010/11 champions league ball and has been out for some time, the Champions League FINAL Ball is differant, in previous years the Final Ball was released mid-March so I assume it will be the same this year