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In different innings?

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Q: How does a pitcher walk three batters give up three hits and no runs?
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If the pitcher hits the batters hand with the ball is the batter awarded a base?


Who gets the putout when a batter hits the ball but he is out of the batters box and does the pitcher get a strike out?

The batter is out, scored 2u, not a strike out.

What does it mean to give up a home run?

'Give up a home run' is a term for a pitcher who has thrown a pitch that a batter has hit for a home run. When a batter hits a home run you might here the announcer say 'That was the 4th home run given up by [pitcher] this season'. That means the pitcher has thrown four pitches that batters have hit for home runs.

What does it mean to have a pitcher in baseball scatter hits?

This probably means that if he gave up, say, 5 hits over 6 innings, maybe 1 in each of the first 5 innings. In other words, he didn't give up all 5 hits to 5 consecutive batters.

What is a pitchers stat?

A pitcher stat is a statistical number that determines how a pitcher has performed during his career. For instance, "H" tells you how many batters have gotten hits off of him. G is how many games he's participated in. ERA is a pitcher's earned run average. etc

Can a baseball pitcher be adequately evaluated by ERA?

Not necessarily. A pitcher could have a decent ERA but give up several hits and walks an inning. An adequate way to evaluate a pitcher would be to look at his WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched), along with ERA

Does a pitcher have to be taken out of the game if he walks to many players?

No, a pitcher doesn't have to be taken out of the game no matter how many batters he walks. The manager will probably take him out if he walks a ton of hitters but, the only time a pitcher has to be taken out is when he hits a batter and the ump thinks he did it on purpose so, he ejects him.

A batter is in the batters box the pitcher throws and the batter hits the ball into his foot and the ball goes foul but what is the call?

its a dead ball and a strike, but not strike 3, just like a foul.

CAn a pitcher be credited with a no hit game if he walks the batters?

No. By definition, a no hitter is when the other team fails to get on first base at all. YES!, A NO HITTER means he gave up no hits, a shut out means he have up no runs, a PERFECT GAME is no runs, no hits. BUT what is no runs, no hits and no walks? or no hits, no runs, no walks and nobody on base ?

Can the batter run if his hit actually hits the pitcher?

As long as the pitcher doesn't catch the ball.

Who is charged with the batters left on base?

All statistics regarding hits, walks, etc., would go against the pitcher who put him on base. I didn't know there was an official statistic for Left On Base, but if there is, it would probably be credited to the final pitcher of the inning. The Left on Base statistic is not credited to any particular player or pitcher, but is a team statistic found in the official box score of the game.

How do you compute WHIP?

You add up the number of hits allowed and add to the number of walks allowed and divide by innings pitched. If a pitcher has walked 50 batters and given up 150 hits and pitched 180 innings, the WHIP would be calculated as (50 + 150) / 180 which equals 1.11.