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Q: How does a parachute deploy?
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A sentence for the word deploy?

"If your parachute doesn't deploy use the emergency parachute!" The Sargent yelled over the plane.

What is a ripcord?

A ripcord is the part of a parachute pulled when the jumper is in the air to deploy the parachute canopy. (i.e., It opens the parachute when pulled)

What should you do if your parachute won't deploy while skydiving?

cut the main chute and deploy your reserve

What height do you have to deploy a parachute?

30,000 feet

What is it called when you skydive and you release your parachute?


How do you deploy parachute in gta IV?

Press A

How do you launch a parachute in Kerbal Space Program?

Put the parachute into a stage in the VAB. Then, when you press space to activate the stage the parachute will deploy and hopefully stop you from exploding.

How do you deploy the parachute in tu 95 the plane flight game?

push i

How do you deploy parachute in gta4 ballad of gay tony?

when in the air, hit the a button

When you deploy your parachute do you go up or just slow down?

you just slow down

How do you deploy your parachute in GTA San Andreas?

circle (ps2) and left mouse click (pc)

How do people die when they skydive?

they mostly just hit the ground or water because there parachute and emergency parachute did not deploy you could also have a heart attack in mid fall.

How many paratroops died from parachute problems during World War 2?

Around from 700 to 1200 soldiers died during ww2 when their parachute didn't deploy.

How do deploy a parachute in battlefield 1943?

just hold the A button (Xbox 360) or X button (PS3) once you exited the plane until u hear a parachute sound. It won't let you deploy it when you are really close to the ground because there's not enough time so make sure you jump out high enough.

What happens when a skydiver releases a parachute?

The main parachute system is designed to be released. This is done by pulling one handle, and through a system of a "three ring device" the skydiver falls away from the main parachute. He'll then deploy his reserve parachute. After landing the main parachute, and reserve pilot chute and freebag are located, all is packed up again and we're back on the airplane!

Skydiving how do you know when to put your parashuit up?

You wear an altimeter that tells you how far above the ground you are. When you reach your predetermined altitude you deploy your parachute.

How do you parachute on battlefield 3?

It all depends on the height you are falling, press A on xbox or X on ps3. It will prompt you to deploy shoot at the bottom of the screen

Can you free fall in just cause 2 the video game?

If you fly a jet or a helicopter, and exit it while in midair, you will freefall. Simply don't deploy your parachute.

How many sky divers have survived when their parachutes fail to open?

there have been many survivors who have lived when their parachute failed to deploy properly im smarticles

What are some of the safety precautions taken by people who skydive?

Firstly, make sure nobody is skydiving at the same time to avoid collisions. Second, always deploy your parachute early enough, depending on your experience level. Third, be careful when executing maneuvers in midair after deploying the parachute.

Will a parachute slow a sky diver more at a very high altitude or at a lower altitude?

Parachutes work best in a dense medium. Since air density decreases with altitude, the closer you are to the surface the better a parachute will work. You still have to give it time to deploy to work, though.

How do you deploy a parashoot on BBC2?

You dont have to unlock it. All you have to do is rapidly press X (ps3) till your controler vibrates, or you see your self slow down. Press A to activate your parachute if you have xbox. remember, RAPIDLY TAP X (PS3) A (XBOX).

Is it better to put the parachute inside the nose cone or around the outside?

The parachute should be stored inside the airframe, or, "body" of your rocket. Locating it outside of the rocket would cause it to deploy on lift-off, resulting in CATO. The chute must be secured to an anchor inside the shoulder of the nose cone. has several learning tutorials that would benefit you greatly.

How did Russell L. Rogers die?

Rogers was killed on September 13, 1967 near Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan when the engine of his F-105 fighter plane failed. He ejected from the F-105, but his parachute failed to deploy properly.

What is better Nerf deploy or Nerf spectre?