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As a musician myself, I can say that education often has nothing to do with becoming a professional musician. The first thing you need to do is learn how to play your instrument. For example, let's say your instrument is a guitar, well learn to play lots of different styles. To do this you may take private lessons, or go to some sort of music college (ie. Berkeley School of Music, MIT, etc) or just practice on your own or with friends. Music is in you or it isn't. You can't force yourself to love music anymore than you can force yourself to love another person. Being professional at music means that you make money, or better yet your living, as a musician and that requires you can play what is needed by your employer and you have business sense enought to know what you should be paid.In my experience, there are just as many self-taught musicians who make a living in music as there are music school graduates that work at non-music day jobs.

AnswerYou do not necessarily need an education to be a professional musician. You just need to practice your instrument and get good, then find people to jam with, form a band, get gigs at your friends parties or local bars/hangouts and there you go. You are a pro! Well, semi-pro I guess. Unless you quit your day job and get a record contract, then you are a true pro. Although you don't need a professional education, it would help in more complex disciplines such as classical and jazz. For rock n roll just learn 5 chords and basic Music Theory and youre good to go. Then learn your favorite songs then use that knowledge to form your own style.obviosly, you need to know music is you.
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Q: How does a musician break into the indutry and become a professional?
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