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Lack of calcium can lead to bone deficiencies. Lack of calcium can also cause bones to be brittle. If one plays sports and has a lack of calcium, and ends up falling hard or getting a hard hit, broken bones can easily occur.

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Q: How does a lack of calcium affect a sports person?
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Why would a lack of iron affect performance in sports?

Calcium is vital for the development of the skeleton (strong bones).

How does a lack of calcium affects a sports person?

Calcium plays an important role to make your bones strong. Since sports person need a higher level of energy, therefor calcium level must be maintained in the body.

How does lack of motivation affect a person in sports?

They dont play as well.

What lack in the diet of a person that suffers from brittle bones?

Brittle bones are often due to a major lack of calcium in a person's diet.

What hormonal problem might a person which soft bones from lack of calcium have?

Osteoporosis is related to lack of estrogen and progesterone.

How can Lack of access to sports facilities affect sports training and performance?

not having the facilites such as a gym or resources that let you train in your area

How can diet affect human growth and development?

depending on what you eat if you have a lack of a vitamin or something vital to the body then your growth will be affected by the lack of the vital item the your body needs to grow

How would a complete lack of ambition affect a person's life?

A complete lack of ambition affects a person's life by undermining his personal development

How does lack of calcium affect the skeletal system?

With a calcium deficiency, the bones can become porous, and weak. The body can leach calcium from the teeth and bones to satisfy its needs. Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by weakened bones and multiple bone fractures.

What health condition is related to lack of calcium?

Osteoporosis According to wikipedia, Hypocalcaemia and , is what is caused by lack of calcium. hypercalcaemia is caused by too much calcium.

How do you notice the effects of lack of calcium on your teeth?

When you can no longer nomm dem burdz, you haez a lack ov calcium.

What does lack of calcium do to your bones?

A lack of calcium will make your bones brittle. This can make them break more easily than they would if you consumed normal levels of calcium.