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Think of your center of balance and keep it in the arc of your foot :) hope it helped

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Q: How does a gymnast balance on a balance beam?
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How gymnast balance on beam balance by extending arms?

gives equal weight and helps you balance eaiser

Who was the first gymnast to fall off the balance beam in the Olympics?


What soviet gymnast performed the first back somersault on the balance beam?

Natalie retrov

What is the best pick up line to say to a gymnast?

I'll let you balance on my beam...

Why do need balance in gymnastics?

You need balance to do the balance beam, because if you don't have balance, then you will keep falling off, and that's very frustrating! Take it from a level 6 gymnast! You could hurt yourself, so I advise you not to do gymnastics if you don't have balance. Or at least no beam.

How many gold medals did gymnast Shawn Johnson win in the 2008 Olympics?

She won one for the balance beam.

Who was the US female gymnast that fell on her head on the balance beam in the 1990's?

Amy Chow, 1996 Olympic Trials

Why is blance important in gymnastics?

Balance is important in Gymnastics because there are lots of skills that require balancing. Especially the BALANCE beam, the gymnast is standing on a 4 inch beam and perfomring skills. they need to maintain their balance to stay on the beam to perform their routine. they also need to balance on the floor sometimes, like when they are doing handstands or skills on their toes, like turns.

Who is an Australian famous gymnast in the Olympics?

Allana Slater was a gymnast who participated in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and also 2004 Olympic games in Athens and came 8th on the balance beam at the 2004 games.

Which female gymnast won Gold Medals in the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise events in the 1972 Summer Olympics?

Olga Korbut

Why does a gymnast need to be flexible?

On the floor exercise and balance beam, gymnasts must do a series of leaps. If their legs are not at an 180 degree angle, they lose points

What apparatus is used to measure mass?

Triple Beam Balance

What words describe a gymnast?

elegant, strong, flexible, focused, good balance imma gymnast myself

Which female gymnast has attempted a triple somersault on the beam?

Many gymnasts attempt a triple somersault when dismounting the beam. However, it has not been possible to find details of a female gymnast who has attempted this somersault actually on the beam.

What kind of athlete uses a beam?

A gymnast

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the beam balance scale?

Through beam balance we can weight things,vegetables,fruit etc.

Who was the gymnast that preformed in Dancing with the Stars?

Shawn Johnson is a female gymnast who won a gold metal for her performance on the balance beam and silver in all-around and floor exercise in the 2008 Summer Olympics. She competed on DwtS in the 2009 season - and won it with her partner Mark Ballas.

How much balance does a gymnast need?

It depends. If you are really strong, coordinated, and flexible then you can probably get away with little balance. If you have really good balance, you do not have to be as strong, coordinated, or flexible to do certain skills. It also depends on what type of gymnastics you are doing. A cartwheel of the beam takes more balance than a cartwheel on the floor.

How far off ground is olympic ballance beam?

how far should a gymnast land from the beam

Do you use a beam for gymnast?

for girls- yes for boys- no

Who invented the triple beam balance?

The triple beam balance was invented by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. It is a beam balance that registers mass

What lab equipment would you use to measure 10 grams of glucose?

triple-beam balance

How wide is a balance beam?

A balance beam is 4 in. wide

Why do gymnasts concentrate straight ahead on the balance beam?

It's just like when a watress looks strait ahead when holding glasses with liquid... It's a weird way to keep ur balance lol As a gymnast myself, it always helps to look at the end of the beam or ahead cuz I can feel that it's always gunna be there for me to land :)

What is the hardest artistic gymnastics move for a female?

im not so sure about the hardest move for a female gymnast, because there are way too many to name. but the hardest event for a female would probably be the balance beam. the balance beam is only four inches wide, and girls tumble up to six feet high in the air.