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There are many ways to motivate your players. Positive feedback always wants to be heard, even if they know they did something wrong, so try to let them down easy. Keep them happy and make them enjoy training sessions. Have Team Talk Nights where the whole team gets together at the captain's house to watch a movie or a game. Before a not so important game, order burgers or something for them as a surprise.

ALWAYS let them know you are proud to be their coach.

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Q: How does a coach motivate their netball team?
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Who's responsibility is to select a netball team Coach or Captain?

The coach is responsible for selecting the team and choosing the captain.

In netball what is a coach for?

They are just like any other coach for a team..... they work through skills gamesetc with the players.........

What is the role of the coaches in netball?

The role of coach in a netball team is to create better players and teams. They are in charge of everything from establishing training and training times to keeping players up-to-date on any netball-related news or games in their area.

Is it useful to have a netball hoop in your garden if your in the team?

yes, even if you do not shoot for your team, it is helpful to be an allrounder, then you coach can see you are commited to the team and could make you the captain.

What can we give your netball coach as a present?

you could give a netball uniform

Most famous netball coach?

the new zealand coach

What does a baseball coach contribute to his or her team?

A baseball coach is someone who acts as an assistant to a baseball team's manager and assures that the team is smoothly run. They must work with the team practicing and perfecting their techniques, help decide which players to use during games, and motivate the team players.

Is there an age limit netball for?

yes when you are 50 you will need to quit netball or you can be a coach

Is netball a team game?

Yes, Netball is a team game.

Who are the officials in a netball game?

Team Officials are the Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Captain and up to two Primary Care Personnel who are qualified to diagnose and treat injury or illness (for example Doctor and/or Physiotherapist).

What is the role of the netball manger?

you get the board from the club house and get all players to sign there names. you should help with training sessions if the coach is late/not there. you also need to collect fees and so forth if necessary

Can a netball coach be ejected from a game?