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I saw a video clip of a GIANT mascot open its mouth and then the cheerleader jumped in.

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Q: How does a cheerleader get eaten by a mascot?
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What is the mascot and cheerleader?

The mascot is the person who dresses up as the team's symbol (ex: tiger, indian, bear, etc.) The cheerleader is the one who cheers and pumps up the crowd on the sidelines during games and at pep rallies. The mascot is essentially a cheerleader, but doesn't participate in quite as much in competitions and such. 

Who is a person who dresses up and supports a sports fan?

Mascot or cheerleader

Does Glenridge Middle School have mascot tryouts?

The cheerleader's squad captain or their coach can direct you there!

Which of the Hannah Montana episode has miley ever teaching Lilly to became a cheerleader in the seaview middle school?

'''Two words''': '''Mascot Love''' ===Mascot Love===

Who is the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader female mascot?

Texie...after the original choreographer for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Texie Waterman.

Give you a summary of what happened in the beginning of the book The Accidental Cheerleader?

In the beginning of The Accidental Cheerleader Kylie (the outgoing one)signs herself and her shy bff Sophie for cheerleading tryouts.Sophie won't tryout but her crush Joel convinces her to tryout with Kylie.During their tryout Kylie messes up.Kylie becomes the school mascot which is a mule while Sophie is a cheerleader. Will this separate their friendship?Read The Accidental Cheerleader to find out!

Name something a devoted cheerleader would most certainly know about her school?

mascot, school colors, team name, fight song, school motto

What is the plural of cheerleader?


Why is University of North Carolina mascot called the Rams?

In 1924 the Univ of North Carolina did not have a mascot and the head cheerleader at the time Vic Huggins came up with the ram as a mascot after the star of the 1922 football team Jack Merritt. Jack's nickname during that time was "the battering ram" for the way he dove into the lines. See the link below for the complete story.

Is Fergie a cheerleader?

She was a cheerleader when she was younger.

How do you ask a cheerleader out?

when a cheerleader has got her uniform on ask her "would you happen to be a cheerleader"? also be yourself or be hot ... depending on the cheerleader

Can you get payed to be a cheerleader?

can you be payed to be a cheerleader or go to collage can you be payed to be a cheerleader or go to collage

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