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A ball with backspin will bounce slightly more backwards when it hits the ground, or slightly more forwards if it hits a ceiling.

In Basketball, this makes the ball more likely to fall through the hoop if it hits the back of the rim, or more likely to bounce high (and possibly fall into the hoop) if it hits the front.

In tennis, this makes the ball bounce higher on a normal shot, making it slightly easier to hit. It can prevent a drop shot from going as far, also, making the player run further in order to catch it.

In Golf, the ball will bounce a shorter distance (or possible bounce backwards after a very high shot).

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Q: How does a backspin affect a shot?
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What is a chop shot in tennis?

a chop shot is a.k.a. a slice which is a shot with backspin

What is a dropshot in tennis?

Backspin on the shot makes a dropshot

How fast will a tennis ball loose its bounce?

It depends. A shot with backspin will drop a lot faster then a topspin or flat shot.

What is a drop shot in tennis?

A drop shot is a shot in raquet sports which requires slicing the ball, putting a backspin on the ball just over the net.

Why do you need backspin on a basketball shot?

The basic answer is: It allows you to gain maximum speed, trejectory and power on your shot release. But there is way more to consider.....

How do you return a backspin in table tennis?

You should return a back spin with top spin, and a top spin with back spin. If you try to combat the other person's backspin with backspin of your own, then you run the risk of not putting enough backspin on the ball, and therefore the shot may go long. Much better to continue the spin which your opponent has put on the ball, and make his/her back spin work for you. Your opponent's backspin is essentially your topspin, so your opponent is already helping you out. You also need to understand that, when your opponent puts backspin on the ball, the ball will not go very far after it bounces on your side of the table. Thus, you need to move forward a bit to get to it. Also, you should usually wait until the opponent's shot bounces up to its highest point before hitting the ball back to him/her. This might mean backing up and waiting for the ball to reach that point. You want to hit it when his/her shot is hovering in the air, not when it just hit the table. This will maximize your ability to control the return. Only advanced players should combat topspin with topspin, or backspin with backspin. This is much more difficult and requires a great deal of skill.

What are some of the Terminology for tennis?

serve let volly forehand backhand backspin kickserve approach shot smash,slam

Why do basketballs have a backspin?

I do not think they naturally have backspin. The backspin is applied by the player and also depends how the throw is made.

What is the 19 digit key to backspin billiard?

backspin billiards

Can smoking marijuana affect your TB shot?

Yes, it can affect your TB shot.

What is a backspin in golf?

A backspin in golf refers to placing spin on a golf ball so that when it lands (typically on the green, based on the nature of this shot) it does not continue to roll forwards but instead either stops or actually moves backwards. This is obviously done because the golfer does not want the ball to roll off the back of the green but instead "sit down" on the putting surface. You can achieve backspin on a golf ball typically by placing the ball backwards in the stance so that the club head strikes the ball on a downward path, forcing the ball to roll up the clubface and thereby spinning it backwards. This 'backspin' will continue as the ball moves through the air and come into play when it lands. The higher the loft of the club the easier it is to create backspin.

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What does the applied backspin do for the basketball?

it does

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How do you backspin in hot shots golf 3?

Press the down arrow at the moment of impact, but backspin only works with a perfect impact. For super backspin press the up arrow at the moment you set the power and the the down arrow at the moment of impact, Again this only works with a perfect impact.

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Which baseball pitch has more backspin?

Most backspin: 4 Seam Fastball. Most forward spin: Curve ball. Side Spin: Slider. Least Spin: Knuckleball.

How do you reduce backspin when using your driver?

You clearly don't want backspin with a driver, so the best way to change this is to either look at a lower loft or possibly a new shaft.

How do you get the best backspin when you shoot a basketball?

Flick your Wrist

Does the air pressure in the ball affect a basketball shot?

The air pressure in the ball can affect a shot, but rarely and very little. Only if the ball is very flat can you notice a big change in the shot.

What does arc mean when shooting a basketball?

Arc is when, instead of shooting the ball straight at the basket, one shoots the ball more vertically and let's the ball fall into the basket. The purposes of arc on a shot are to create backspin on the ball, prevent the defense from blocking a shot, and to eliminate the reliance on the backboard and give one a more diverse variety of shots.

How does the stance of a basketball player affect the basketball shot?

It can affect the shot's accuracy. If you are unbalanced, your shot will most likely not be straight, unless you anticipate the shot. You have the most control over the ball in your shooting stance. I prefer to face the basket with one foot slightly ahead of the other.

Does a persons height affect his or her ability to succesfully make a jump shot in basketball?

no it depends on their shot