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In smaller/hometown tracks, by winnings and Sponsors, the larger racing circuits and/or Sanctions, much the same way only in much larger scale, as an example: In Nascar, most top teams receive 20 to 30 million a year for one team, some even more, some much less, Sponsors are the major contributors, Television pays the Sanctioning Body to televise an event, the Sanctioning Body then can raise the purse for the race, in Nascar, the purse can reach several million. The smaller Sponsors that you see on the front fenders and rear quarter-panels pay much less, some only by winning or placing. In a smaller setting, (hometown tracks), I have seen Driver/Owner and-or-both partition people to be in their Racing family, or Crew, Team, in return these people donate X number of dollars to that car, I have seen sections of the grandstands all wearing the same shirts and hats, all for one car, I have seen as many as 100 people's names on one car, this is over an above the main Sponsor.

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Companies sponsor NASCAR itself, such as Sprint, which purchased the naming rights to the premier series. Fans buy tickets, merchandise, and food as well, and I'm not positive, but the tracks might have to pay NASCAR just to be on the schedule. Also, NASCAR makes millions of dollars off of TV rights from FOX, TNT, and ESPN.

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Q: How does a auto racing team make money?
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