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he is preparing for the Olympics

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he might do soccer its on the news

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Usain Bolt is currently 33 yeasr old.

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Q: How does Usain Bolt spend his sparew time?
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What is Usain Bolt's 40 yard dash time?

Usain Bolt's current 4o yard dash time is 3.97.

What time does Usain Bolt wake up?

Usain Bolt has previously commented that he is not a morning person and that he wakes up at about 10am.

What life does Usain Bolt have?

He is a life time runner

What the fastest time in the sprint?

9.58 by Usain Bolt

What is the fastest time in the 100 meter dash?

9.58 seconds By Usain Bolt of Jamaica.

Who is the worlds fastest human of all time?

usain bolt

What is the fastest 100m sprint time?

9.58 by Usain Bolt

Does Tyson gay or usain bolt hold world record?

usain Usain Bolt won the 100m in Beijing at a time of 9.69, a WR, but Tyson Gay was the world's fastest man in 2009 with a time of 9.77. However in the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Usain Bolt broke his own WR to win with a time of 9.58. Incidentially, Gay finished second in 9.71.

What time did Usain Bolt run in the London 2012 olmypic games 2012?

Usain Bolt Jamaica (JAM) 9.63 100 metres Usain Bolt Jamaica (JAM) 19.32 200 metres Jamaica Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake, Usain Bolt 36.84 men's 4 × 100 metres relay

Who was winner for the sprinting event in the Olympics last time?

Usain Bolt

Who is the most famous Olympic archer of all time?

Usain Bolt

The fastest man on Earth?

Usain Bolt with the 100m time of 9.58.