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Straight black line on the side of the ball.

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Q: How does Tiger Woods mark his golf ball?
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How does Tiger Woods mark his ball?

Straight black line on the side of the ball.

Why does tiger mark his golf ball with a black line?

Before he putts he will mark his ball and clean and replace the ball, lining up the line directly at the hole. It helps him aim the ball. There is no rule against it.

What is a slogan for a golf ball?

its not how you mark your ball, its how you mark your titleist.

Marking a golf ball on the fringe?

No, you may only mark your ball when it is on the green.

Can a golfer mark his golf ball position with a daisy?


Can you wipe your golf ball on the green?

mark your ball pick it up wipe it put it back pick ball mark up no stroke penalty.

Whats the best place to golf in Orlando outside Walt Disney World?

Orlando has as many great golf facilities as Palm Springs, but more are open to the public. The Orlando area has been home to many pro golfers over the years, including Tiger Woods, Mark O

Which logo has a purple golf ball and a check mark?


How does olin browne mark his golf ball?

he uses a coin

What was Tiger Woods favorite book?

The Greatest Game Ever Played by Mark Frost

Who is the Lasik Surgeon used by Tiger Woods?

Dr. Mark Whitten of Rockville, MD.

Can you mark your golf ball with anything?

Try using a permanent marker.

What happen when the golf ball is embedded in its own pitch mark in the fairway?

When this happen, There is no relief from a ball embedded in a bunker.

Where can you move your golf ball with your hands?

Once you are on the putting surface i.e the green, you are permitted to mark your ball, clean it and replace it.

Can't tell whose golf ball is whose?

It is best to mark golf balls with markers before playing a round to avoid confusion.

What symbol did Arnold Palmer use to mark his golf ball in tournaments?

Arnold Palmer marked his golf balls with an umbrella in tournaments. It is also reported that his wife would kiss a ball before he used it to play.

What is the size of ball marker?

Golf ball markers come in various shapes and sizes. Under the rules of golf you can technically use anything to mark your golf ball on the green, you can use a tee, a pitch mark repairer or any coin. However good etiquette would be to use a small coin about 2-3 cm's in diameter and one that lies relatively flat to the ground as to not have any effect on your playing partners.

In golf what is it called when one ball blocks another?

One ball is in the line of play of the other. No specific name for it really, just mark the ball and move the marker if necessary.

What is the rule when the golf ball lands in a cart?

You mark where the ball would lie if it was on the ground, lift it, move the cart and then drop the ball as close to where it would be as if it was on the ground. This is a free drop.

If your golf ball has mud on it while its in the faireway what do you do?

Play the ball as it lies, you are only allowed to mark and clean your ball when you are on the putting surface (green). You would receive a two shot penalty if you cleaned your ball.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Tiger Woods Story - 1998?

The cast of The Tiger Woods Story - 1998 includes: Radmar Agana Jao as Tiger Phong Nicole Andrews as Fan Mark Carlton as Art Garrett John Cho as Jerry Chang Keith David as Earl Woods Chris Devlin as Fan Kathryne Dora Brown as Holly Freda Foh Shen as Tida Woods Spencer Garrett as Hughes Norton Jerry Giles as Butch Harmon David Grant Wright as Reporter 1 Albert Hall as Hank Aaron Glenn Hermans as Golf Club Administrator Joe Ivy Khalil Kain as Tiger Woods (age 21) Richard Keats as Real estate agent Gary LeRoi Gray as Tiger (age 9-13) Andy Lowe as Thai Student Nate Reese as Lee Elder Gerard Sanders as Nick Faldo Carey Scott as Photographer Harmon Thomas as Onlooker

Are you allowed to mark your golf ball on the fairway if it's in somebody's way?

No. Unless it's lift clean and place you cannot mark it in that scenario.

When you cannot mark a golf ball and pick it up?

You can only mark your ball and pick it up when you are on the green. However, if lift clean and place is in play you may pick it up, but that is usually only in the winter.

Is it a rule that you put a mark on your golf ball?

No, it was actually made up by a golfer in the 20th century who thought it was lucky.

Can you mark your initial on a golf ball for tournement play?

any marking is legal i.e. dots, initials, names