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Straight black line on the side of the ball.

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Q: How does Tiger Woods mark his ball?
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How does Tiger Woods mark his golf ball?

Straight black line on the side of the ball.

How fast can a golf ball fly?

Tiger Woods' ball speed is 170 MPH.

How many holes did Tiger Woods get his ball into?

WHICH BALLS are you referring to!

How fast is a golf ball hit?

Tiger Woods hits a golf ball at 170 MPH.

Does Tiger Woods use a new golf ball each hole?


What is the Nike ball used by Tiger Woods?

The Nike One Tour.

What is the difference from Tiger Woods golf ball and his car?

His golf ball hasn't hit a tree lately!!

What are some things Tiger Woods won?

the world biggest meat ball

What does the ONE mean on Tiger Woods Caps?

It is the type of ball he uses. He uses the 'Nike ONE Tour TW'. Plenty of Nike Players use this ball, but it was designed for Tiger Woods because he is world number one and the best player in the world.

How fast does Tiger Woods drive a golf ball?

His ball speed on a drive at the Buick Open 2009 was 174 mph.

What mph does a golf ball travel at?

Average of about 100-150 for amateurs. Tiger Woods hits a ball at 170 MPH.

What is the logo on the right side of Tiger Woods hat?

Its a NIKE Golf Ball: ONE

What putting drills does Tiger Woods do?

Practice putting the ball in the hole. He did this his entire life.

What was Tiger Woods favorite book?

The Greatest Game Ever Played by Mark Frost

Who is the Lasik Surgeon used by Tiger Woods?

Dr. Mark Whitten of Rockville, MD.

What does the one on Tiger Woods' cap stand for?

It stands for Nike One Golf Balls. Tiger uses the Nike One golf ball and that logo on the side of Tigers hat is for the ball that he uses.

How do I get a golf ball signed by Tiger Woods?

There are several authographed golf balls available on Ebay.

What is the speed of a golf ball?

Tiger Woods' ball speed about 170 MPH, an amateurs average would be around 100-140 MPH.

Why does tiger mark his golf ball with a black line?

Before he putts he will mark his ball and clean and replace the ball, lining up the line directly at the hole. It helps him aim the ball. There is no rule against it.

What is the longest golf ball hit by Tiger Woods?

i think it was about 380 yards some place in England

Is Tiger Woods dead?

No, Tiger Woods is not dead.

Tiger Woods and 50cent who is richer?

Tiger Woods.

How many children does Tiger Woods have?

Tiger Woods has 2 children

Who is more famous Cristiano Ronaldo or Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods

What is the white symbol on Tiger Woods' cap?

There are four logos and Tiger Woods' hat. On the front there is the TW logo, which is obviously his Tiger Woods logo. Above the left ear there is a VR logo which looks like a V, this stands for Victory Red, which is the type of iron Tiger uses. Above his right ear there is a 'ONE' logo which stands for Nike One which is the type of ball that Tiger uses. On the back there is the Nike Swoosh logo.