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The Undertaker Buried AliveThe working behind the '' Buried Alive Match '' is very much similar to how Magicians can perform the illusion.

After the Superstar is thrown into the grave there is a window of about thirty seconds where you can't see him right before the dirt is poured on, and he uses that window of time to open a door either on his right or his left side and rolls right through it into a room where he has water, most likely a chair, (so he's not standing for two hours) air and a monitor to watch so that he knows when the show is over.

Then, after his opponent knows he has gone into that room the dirt is poured into the grave. If he was really to be buried alive that amount of dirt would not only suffocate him but crush him as well.

There isn't a tunnel involved in these matches. The reason being would be because it would take way to much time to create one and the WWE would have to get special permission from the people that they are renting the building from to be able to tear up there building just to create a tunnel. Plus it would be a complete waste of time, labor and money for them to build a tunnel, not to mention pointless since they are going to have to fill the tunnel back up again after it is used and it will only be used once.

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Q: How does The Undertaker escape during Buried Alive matches?
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How does The Undertaker escape from Buried Alive matches in which mankind buries him and then he sticks his hand out?


How does The Undertaker escape during Buried Alive matches like when mankind buried him and then he sticked his hand out?

i see undertaker vs Kane in buried alive match for the world heavywieght champion undertaker almost win but nxt come to fight him right now he is buried alive but next year he will return to wwe you know what you he are deadman he never give up like that he will return. rest in peace

How does WWE do Buried Alive matches?

WWE does it's 'Buried Alive matches' by making the hill around it a metal casing, if you listen closely in the match at Bragging Rights 2010 when Kane and the Undertaker are exchanging blows, when you Kane is throwing a punch and stomping his feet on the floor you hear a hollow banging noise, and the when the Nexus run onto the stage you can also hear this noise. When the Undertaker is in the grave notice you only get shots of him when the Nexus are shoveling dirt onto him but when Kane tells them too move, you don't see him at all. There is one of two ways the WWE could do the Undertakers escape one- by letting him sit in a compartment with water a monitor to watch the rest of the show on it with a WWE trainer in there with him to check him over or two- by elevating the floor (using a temporey stage) next too the grave leaving him enough room to crawl or crouch and walk. I have read through some of other people's theory's on what happens when the dirt lands on him and non of them make any logical sense. i hope i have helped answer your question. What happens is the Undertaker is always buried alive. In the grave the Undertakers opponent has to make sure that the Undertaker is in a little room were he can have some food and drink. Then, his opponent can shove the cement back into the grave. After the event is finished, and everybody has left the stadium, the Undertaker can then escape from the grave. Also, the Undertaker is the creator of the buried alive match and is the only one who ever gets buried alive anyway, so my answer may not be accurate.

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How did undertaker escape from a casket when Kane set it on fire?

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there is a small trap door whitch only small people can fit through and it opens at the last secound whitch lets the superstar have etleast good time of 1-1.5 seconds if there lucky

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How does the undertaker escape the 2005 no mercy casket match between Randy Orton and cowboy bob orton?

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How does undertaker disappears during a match?

When the lights go out, they go out for around 5 - 10 seconds, this is enough time for the Undertaker to escape.. How does he do it? He simply leaves the ring and hides under the ring. When he appears during a match or speech from another superstar, he is already under the ring, when the lights go out he crawls out and climbs into the ring, making it look like the "Deadman" appeared out of nowhere. I myself think the pyro and gimmicks for the WWE is incredible, hope this answers your question.

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