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What does the word Olympic mean

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How did badminton originate

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Q: How does Olympic judges judge the athletes who does skeleton?
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What is the plural of woman judge?

Women judges is the plural of woman judge

What is another word for One who reviews and gives judgments?


Does a judge determine the winner in olympic swimming?

Yes, a machine in a form of sensors judges the swimmers.

Who were the first olympic judges?

my mum was the first judge of the first olmpics and she was a very cleaver judge who made aus win everything, heheheheeh hahahahaah yes mum!

What is the meaning of the olympic oath taken by athletes?

The Olympic oath is a solemn promise made by one athlete as a representative of each of the participating Olympic competitors and by one judge as a representative of each officiating Olympic referee or other official at the opening ceremonies of each Olympic games

Why is Samson in judges?

Samson is in the Book of Judges because he was a Judge. It is important to note that the concept of a Judge in the Book of Judges is not the same as the modern concept of Judge who sits in a court and hears cases. A Book of Judges Judge is closer to being a Generalissimo and Arbiter than a modern Judge.

What is a sports where athletes do several acrobatic stunts and are judge by a panel of judges?

wouldn't it be gymnastics? I dont know why you would ask this question but yeah, its gymnastics

What is the possessive plural for judge?

The plural form of the noun judge is judges.The plural possessive form is judges'.Example: All of the judges' attention was focused on the witness.

What is Zeus' temple used for?

For worshipping Zeus, of course. It was also used in the Ancient Greek Olympic games. In it the athletes, judges and trainers swore they had trained for the regulation 10 months, they had trained fairly and that they would judge and compete fairly. Also at the end of the Olympics the winners would be crowned in the temple.

What is the plural possessive form of judges?

The plural form is judges; the plural possessive form is judges'.The judges' cars were vandalized in the courthouse parking lot.

How are the judges chosen to judge the Olympics?

The judges are choosen from all around the world, and to be a judge you have to have a special certificate that proves that you know enough about that sport to judge it.

How many females are their in the book of judges?

In the book of Judges in the old testament there were a total of 14 Judges , but there was only one female judge in the 14 of them she was the judge Deborah.

What is the Hebrew word for judge?

Verb: to judge = shafat (שפט) A male judge = shofet (שופט) a female judge = shofetet (שופטת) judges = shoftim (שופטים) The meaning is the same as in english, but if you are asking in terms of the biblical book of judges, it also implies a leader. Judges = shohf-TEEM or שופטים

What was the goal of the ancient Olympics?

The goal of the Olympian Games was to honor Olympian Zeus. To that end, competitors and judges were sworn to play and judge fairly. Athletes from various countries represented themselves, not their countries.

What is the plural form of judge?

The plural form of Judge is Judges.

What do you call a person who judges at auditions?

A judge

What is the correct possessive form for judge?

The possessive form of the noun judge is judge's.Example: The sound of the judge's gavel is still ringing in my ears.

What is the noun built from judge?

The word 'judge' is both a noun (judge, judges) and a verb (judge, judges, judging, judged). A noun form of the noun 'judge' is judgement. A noun form of the verb 'judge' is the gerund, judging.

What is an appeal court judge called?

They're just called judges, or sometimes appellate judges. The Appeals Court is made up of one Chief Judge and six associate judges.

How do you be judge?

Generally, a judge is an elected official. To be a judge, one must campaign for the office and be elected. The primary qualification for being a judge is that one first be a well-respected, accomplished lawyer in the community where he or she seeks to be a judge. Not all judges are elected. Certain judges are appointed by political leaders. Not all judges are lawyers. Judges in county, state, and federal courtrooms are lawyers, but town and village judges might not necessarily be lawyers. For example, a just-retired public school superintendent might run for office as a judge in his small town.

What is the Feminine gender of judge?

Judge only

What is the main theme of the book of judges?

The main theme of the book of Judges is as the Judges were chosen to rule and judge the people, they even had ladies as a judge. Like Deborah and Samuel.. But Samuel was also a prophet.

What are all the Massachusetts judges appointed for?

Judges are appointed to judge legal actions.

What does equation mean in horse terms?

Equitation means that the judges judge you on how you show and handle your horse, like showmanship. Pleasure is where the judges judge the horse.

How many judges ruled Israel during the period of judges?

There were 14 Judges in all including a lady judge Deborah.