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They make money from their sponsors, tickets and selling players.

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Q: How does Liverpool Football Club make money?
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How does sponsorship make a football club money?

The sponsors pay the club to advertise their products or name.

What is the most famous football club in the world?

The world's most famous football club is Manchester United, it has the largest fan base and is also considered to be the world's most valuable football club due to it's unrivalled ability to make money.

How much does Liverpool Football Club make a year?

Aproxammatly 10 million a year. on clothes, tickets, food and drinks in the ground/ stadiem

How much total money does football club Barcelona make per year?

One dollar

The richest club?

Man. city ATM but sources from Dubai and Liverpool football club they are going to be taken over by the Saudi prince or d.i.c ether one is said to compete with Manchester citys money and Liverpool will have over a million in the bank starting next season and they will get more players then Manchester city because of the respect and history they have got compared to Liverpool ..zilch none .. and d.i.c are said to make a super pitch for Liverpool over 90,000 seater and also spend 250 to 300 million next summer because this summer they are trying to get Liverpool back on track ( financially ) so he will only get up to 60 million to spend but if your a Liverpool fan great times are coming and i mean great!

How does a football club make money?

Sponsorships (ground and shirt), revenue from tickets, sales of shirts, tv rights and investment from owners.

How does football club make money?

Sponsorships (ground and shirt), revenue from tickets, sales of shirts, tv rights and investment from owners.

What football club make the most money on match game day?

Definitely this year the cowboys every year. hope i helped

How do people make money from playing football?

People make money playing football by becoming good enough to get on a team that people pay money to watch.

How much does a NFL football make?

a football cant make money everyone knows that

Where was the name of the famous club that the Beatles played in Liverpool?

The Cavern Club is the Club that the Beatles played many times when they were first starting out in the early 1960's. The club was actually a small and dark and crowded little place, and The Beatles were the ones to make it famous. It is still in Liverpool today, but not the original location. That one was shut down and it was re-built in a different location.

How much does an arena football player make in a year?

how much money do a football player make a year?

Do football player make the same anount of money?

the good players make more money the bad players make less money

Which sport do players make the most money?

football probably

How much money does collage football players make?


Who makes more baseball or football players?

football players make more money

How can you make club penguin money maker real?

You can make a money maker for Club Penguin by knowing computer languages and other computer things. So basically you need to be a hacker.

Why are Liverpool getting worse and worse as seasons go on?

Liverpool are not getting worse each year they are having their top players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and others injured at regular intervals and Gerrard has repeatedly got groin injury . And to make matters worse is the money matter at the club , so they sold Xavi Alonso to Real Madrid.

Can you make up games for money on Club Penguin?


How do you make money on Club Penguin?

play games

Can one make good money with sports and football betting for a long time?

It is possible to make money if you are careful

Why do we have football teams?

football is an organization that makes a hell lot of money, so they need football teams to make it work. :)

Who make more money football or swimming?

It depends on which people you are talking about. You could say Michael Phelps (Olympic Swimmer) makes more money than a linebacker of a small college football league. But the average football player does make more money than an average swimmer.

How does football players make money?

they get paid by the teams

How do football players make money?

2040 a week