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Larry Bird was Reggie Miller's coach. Larry Bird is the Best Small Forward so Reggie Miller comes no where close to Larry Bird.

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Q: How does Larry Bird compare to Reggie Miller?
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Who has made the most 3 pointers in a game?

ray Allen reggie miller Larry bird my dick

Who is better Oscar Robinson or Larry bird or reggie miller?

reggie miller. hes all around. Larry just sit around and shoot like ray Allen. and Oscar robertson had his off and on times on offense but was a beast on defense

Whos the best shooter in the NBA?

It really depends...there are quite a few, in the NBA now-Ray Allen, Kyle history Larry Bird, Michael Jordan was a good scorer but shooting he was good but not the best.

Who has the best three point shot in NBA history?

Hard to chose one, but the best may have been Larry bird and reggie miller. add ray Allen, Steve Nash, dirk nowitzki and peja stojakovic and you have the best of the best.

Who are the 3 tallest players in NBA history?

Manute Bol 7 ft 7 in Gheorghe Muresan 7 ft 7 in Yao Ming 7 ft 6 in

What team does Larry bird own?

Larry Bird Owns Pacers

Which basketball player has the best jump shot?

My answer is open to any other suggestions as this a very much open question, but I think my top three shooters right now are: Steve Nash Ray Allen Peja Stojakovic And top three all-time are: Larry Bird Reggie Miller Rick Barry

What is Larry Bird's birthday?

Larry Bird was born on December 7, 1956.

What is Larry bird's birthday?

Larry Bird was born on December 7, 1956.

Does Larry bird own a NBA team?

Larry Bird does own the Celtics

Where do you send fan mail to Larry Bird?

how and where do i send larry bird email

What college did Larry bird go to?

Larry Bird went to Indiana State