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Larry Bird was Reggie Miller's coach. Larry Bird is the Best Small Forward so Reggie Miller comes no where close to Larry Bird.

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Q: How does Larry Bird compare to Reggie Miller?
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Who are the top 3 point scorers in NBA?

Ray Allen Reggie Miller Larry Bird

Who has made the most 3 pointers in a game?

ray Allen reggie miller Larry bird my dick

Who are the top 3pt shooters of all time?

Ray allen,Reggie miller,Larry bird,Paul pierce

Who is better Oscar Robinson or Larry bird or reggie miller?

reggie miller. hes all around. Larry just sit around and shoot like ray Allen. and Oscar robertson had his off and on times on offense but was a beast on defense

Who is the all time best 3 point shooter in the nba?

1.Ray allen 2.Reggie miller 3.Larry Bird

Who is the most accurate shooter in the nba?

The most accurate shooter in the NBA is currently Reggie Miller. His points per game average is 18.2. Behind him are Larry Bird then Michael Jordan.

Who was the best shooter in NBA history?

Reggie Miller is the best shooter in NBA history. no the hell he not kobey is the best shooter in the nba there is no way in hell that Kobe is the best, he is the best closer maybe but not the best in history, it would have to be either reggie miller or Larry bird, and possibly dirk nowitzki, who i think is the best 7'0 foot shooter ever.

Who has the best three point shot in NBA history?

Hard to chose one, but the best may have been Larry bird and reggie miller. add ray Allen, Steve Nash, dirk nowitzki and peja stojakovic and you have the best of the best.

Who was better Larry Bird or DrJ?

Larry Bird

Who is better Wilt Chamberlain or Larry bird?

Larry bird

What team does Larry bird own?

Larry Bird Owns Pacers

How tall was Larry Bird when he played basketball?

Larry bird was 6'9

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