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He does nothing for anyone

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2012-03-25 12:56:54
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Q: How does Kobe Bryant give his time to the less fortunate?
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How does Kobe Bryant give back to society?

Kobe Brynt gives both time and money to the less fortunate children and people.

What is less fortunate?

less fortunate means less lucky

Why Christian might regularly give money to charity?

Probably to help the less fortunate

How much does Kobe get paid?

I don't know for sure but about 2 million a year. Kobe Bryant wanted less money and more playing years so in the future he would let more people enjoyed life like he have.

How does the graduated income tax help less fortunate?

i doesnt help the less fortunate. No taxes help them.

What is the best present you can give yourself if you have ten dollars?

Give it to someone homeless/less fortunate and watch how favor and blessings just find you on your way.

What shall you do with the things you have received from God?

If you are talking about talents, use them to serve him. If you are talking about items, you dont HAVE TO do anything, but if you believe you should, give to those less fortunate than you. You dont have to give up YOUR items, but at least help the ones less fortunate than you. Either way, thank God for whatever it is you have.

What does the cross placed on peoples forehead for Ash Wednesday symbolize?

it symbolizes that you are a catholic and are ready to stop having something or give to give the less fortunate somehting.

How many playoff rings Kobe byrant won?

Kobe Bean Bryant has 5 NBA Championship rings, 1 less than Michael Jordan. It is also worth noting that Kobe's average shooting percentage for his entire career is 3 percentage points lower than the WORST shooting year that Micheal Jordan ever had.

Which gospel tells us to help those less fortunate?

All through the bible helping those less fortunate than you is said.

Why there are some people who less fortunate?


What a good Samaritan?

A good Samaritan is one that does nice things for other. This person will often give everything they have for someone less fortunate.

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