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In established countries like England, Brazil & Italy football contributes a lot to peoples every day life. They get great pleasure from following their team and spend a lot of money doing so. This in turn gives others a job to go to. In places like Africa football is a way out of poverty. Perticualary countries like France are setting up football schools in Africa to get talented players at an early age. If this is a good thing or a bad thing I don't know. One thing I do know is football brings people together and can, in a time when the world cup is in town, lift a nation, as did the 1966 world cup in England.

Definitely affects work productivity... When Australia qualified for the World Cup 2006, there wasn't a tired-eyed employee in Australia. They also bring together a nation, as said previously, but they can also divide a nation or a city- look at Madrid, or Manchester.

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Q: How does Football affect cultures around the world?
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