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They are both legendary professional soccer players.

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Q: How does David Beckham compare to Pele?
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Is Pele considered a better player than David Beckham?

of course not

Who is the most famous athlete that plays soccer?

Pele or David Beckham .

Is Pele a talk show host?

No, he is a sports soccer player like David Beckham.....

Who is the youngest player to score a goal in soccer world cup as at 2004 David Beckham deigo maradona or Pele?

David Beckham was the youngest player in 1994 to score a goal. Pele had already retired by then.

Was dDavid Beckham the youngest player ever to score a goal ina football world cup final?

No David Beckham is not the youngest player to score a goal in the world cup. the record is held by the great Brazilian Pele.

Who is your favorite professional soccer player?

David Beckham, Ranaldo, Raldiniho, Rooney, Maridona and Pele would be the most popular ones.

Who are some popular men that became famous with soccer?

David Beckham, Pele, George Best, Ronaldinho, there are many many more.

Who are the three best players in soccer?

1. Pele 2. zinidane zidan 3. Diego maradona

Who is more famous Mr.Bean or David Beckham?

It is hard to compare the popularity of two different persons, but if it means anything: David Beckham has 44,700,000 more hits than Mr. Bean when searching for his name so one might say that David Beckham is more popular.

What movies are like bend it like beckham?

Goal Pele Pele 2: Return of Pele Pele 3: Revenge of the Pele Benji Oh God!: Book Two Kicking and Screaming

Most famous soccer legend?

Pele, Maradona, Best, Beckham and Ronaldo (the Brazil) are regarded as the most famous footballers. In my opinion, they're all legends too. David Beckham is the most famous of the lot though, due to his sponsorship deals, so i'd have to say that David Beckham is the most famous soccer legend.

Is David Beckham single?

No, David Beckham is not single.