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it is a democratic system whch means one person could fight the prime minister in a fist fight and if they win they can become the new prime minister . jobo haudilaz elects the prime minister

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Q: How does Canada's system of government work?
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Canadas type of government?

Parliamentary System

What is canadas government type?

Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.

What is the difference between the US branches of government VS Canada?

Canadas are better...

How does European government system work?

There is no European government system. Europe has over 50 independent countries, each with their own governments. Those governments work in different ways, so there is no single system.

What is the system of departments that do the work of government?


What is quasi federal system?

A quasi federal system means a government which is designed to work as a Federal government in normal circumstances and as an unitary government in an emergency.

System of leaders who carry out work for the government?


Does the government system in Peru work well?


Functions of Indian government?

How does the indian government work India follows a parliamentary system of government

How does the plutocracy government work?

Plutocracy is the government system established within the central system of the third seige of pluto's government. this government give power to wealth beings for the third sector of the galaxy.

How does Argentina's government work?

The government of Argentina works within the frame of the federal system. It is a presidential system that is headed by a president who is elected by the voters.

What has the author Thomas Blackwood written?

Thomas Blackwood has written: 'Remarks and observations on the Constitution of the Canadas, civil and ecllesiastical' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Church and state 'Remarks and observations on the constitution of the Canadas, civil and ecclesiastical, with a view to its amendment'

How do the government work in the system of checks and balances?

judical sysytem

How the government system work in south east Asia?


Can you work as sonographer in Canada without ARDMS?

Depends on the facility. Some accept it. Others require you to get certified with Canadas registry.

Does the government system work?

Yes. All systems of government work. Some better than others and all favour certain groups within the society.

What is Canadas GDP?

Canadas GDP is actually 0, they break even on imorts and exports, and therefore have a gdp of 0

Does the system of checks and balances work?

Well they were really part of the 3 government branches so they did work

Why does free - market system require government regulation?

Producers are driven by the profit motive to work against competition

What is the system of department and agencies carries out the work of the government called?

It is called a bureaucracy.

A system of a department and agencies formed to carry out the work of government?

it is called a bureaucracy

How did progressive work to improve city and state government?

by reforming the banking system

Who do the government work for?

It depends which political system is in place. Some governments work for themselves, some for 'the people', some for some of the people. In a democracy the government should, in a sense, work for '(all) the people'.

What is Canadas flower?

the dogwood

What are canadas top 10 imports?