How do you you snipe in hockey?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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That depends on what kind of hockey you intend to play. You will at the very least need a stick for everyone and a surface suitable for playing on, plus enough people to make it interesting.

Further equipment could include shinpads, mouthguards (for any kind), armpads and body padding (for Ice Hockey), skates (ice hockey), a ball or puck as appropriate, goals of a decent size, goalkeeper's equipment and many other items.

Then you need to know the rules for the game and either have someone to officiate or have common agreement on interpretation.

Finally, you need to get out and play it.

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*The swing is more of a Baseball swing then a Golf swing.*

SO; 1. Bend your knees

2. Rotate your torso evenly backwards then forewards

3. Take a step towards the ball (Front foot in line with the ball)

4. Hit the ball in the centre of your hook.

The last part is the main thing, more energy transferred from the middle of head to middle of ball= greater hit.

It feels uncomfortable at first but just relax and rotate. Once you can cleanly hit it consistently add more power and steps and everything.

Just remember that a controlled swing and rotation will be better then a massive but uncontrolled swing, so just be loose. Best of Luck

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the puck goes in the net, over the line, this is a goal, or a score for your team. the team with more scores wins the game.

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Well a snipe is pretty much when you shoot the puck from a ways away and you score on the golie. You can also snipe by squesing the puck into a tight space and makeing it go into the net.

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Q: How do you you snipe in hockey?
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