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obtenir une chambre / prendre une chambre / prendre une chambre en location

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Q: How do you you say get a room in French?
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How do you say utility room in french?

"Utility room" in French is "buanderie".

How do you say coat room in French?

The cloak room or coat room is "le vestiaire" (masc.) in French.

How do you say 'Cindy's Room' in french?

The French word for "Cindy's room" is "Cindy chambre".

How do you say the shower room in french?

'the shower room' in french is 'la salle de douche'

How do you say I cleaned the room in French?

You can say "J'ai nettoyé la chambre" in French.

How do you say hotel room in French?

An hotel room is called 'une chambre d'hôtel' in French.

How do you say your and your sisters room in French?

Your room is 'ta chambre', your sister's room is 'la chambre de ta soeur' in French.

How do you say pool room in french?


How do you say mud room in french?

salle de boue = mud room

How do you say mens room in french?

bathroom in French is salle de bains

How do you say frontroom in french?

'front room' in french is 'chambre à l'avant'

How do you say single room in French?

chambre simple