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If you are a new professional billiards player and want to request a sponsorship, the most important thing to consider is that you need to identify why someone should spend their money on you. If you are not a professional, you have little chance of success, unless going for a world record, or some other reason many people will see their sponsorship.

Describe your record to date, and focus on anything that may set you apart from the average player. Clearly describe what you hope to receive from the sponsor (money, equipment, meals, board, etc.). Identify how the sponsor will get recognition and how this will benefit them. Recognize that sponsors typically provide help using their advertising budget, so sales have to be impacted, unless there is other benefit. Other benefits can include the companies focus and a tournament focus (such as, dedication to cancer research).

Prior to sending the request for sponsorship off, have someone else review it to be sure it remains objective and focuses on the sponsor expectations more than your own needs, although both must be present.

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Q: How do you write a sponsorship for billiards?
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