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its not possible

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Q: How do you win ibiza cup sant miquel course on tdu2?
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Can you get a tesla roadster in tdu2?


What is better gt5 or tdu2?

If you want a full on racing experience with sick graphics i'd suggest GT5 but if you want all that and a 1st person Driving simulator id suggest TDu2 , basically TDU2 is the best

How many clubs on TDU2 can you have?


Can you use your own music in tdu2?


How do you get different weathers in tdu2?

Sunny Day

Will tdu2 take out any cars?

Yes they will take out some.

When does tdu2 game comes in Pakistan?

it is avaiable in pakistan in my village

How do you sell cars in TDU2?

I think you have to be level 30 or 20.

Which is better to get TDU2 on Xbox or PC Considering that if I got it on PC I could play with my mate?

Its up to you really. The graphics will look the best on a PC, but xbox 360 is more a of social area on TDU2.

Is there a BMW garage in tdu2?

No but if you have the PC version you may mod the game.

How do you get the Bugatti veyron super sport on tdu2?

I don't no I made this question on her and then answer it if you no it

Will PS4 have the game called tdu2?

PS4 hasn't been confirmed yet.