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Use some moves maybe that help u because i never been on that contest or what ever.

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Q: How do you win first round of contest in emerald?
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In Pokemon emerald Is there a prize if you win in the contest hall?

If you win in the contest hall you get a ribbon but nothing else except for that

When do you get a painting in the exibit in Pokemon emerald?

When you win master rank contest.

How do you get art for the lilycove art museaum in Pokemon emerald?

Win a master rank Pokemon contest

How do you get art for lilycove museum in Pokemon emerald version?

OK so first you will need to win the Master Rank of the Pokemon Contest to one Pokemon then talk to the painter and it will be in the museum.

What year was the first female to win the national public speaking contest?

The first female to win the national public speaking contest was Marie Louise Baldridge in the year 1936.

What do you get as a prize for winning master rank in the Pokemon contest in Pokemon emerald?

First time win: Ribbon & if you have 6 or more hearts, you can have a great painting of your Pokemon. Second win and up: Luxury Ball and great painting of Pokemon if it has 6+ hearts.

How do you get the word contest in Pokemon Emerald?

you have to defeat the elite 4 and i think you have to win a master contest. not sure though. just beat the elite 4 and if the word still doesnt show up then beat a master contest. then it should definitely pop up

Who was the first Indian to win the Miss World contest?

In 1966, Reita Faria was the first Miss India to win Miss World.

Is it true that you get frexe xbox live if you get to round 100?

round 100 on what? if your talking about black ops zombies then no and it is almost imposibble to get xbox live unlese you win a contest or somthing

Whats the secret to winning a beauty contest on Pokemon pearl during the visual part?

well, the answer is to win the first part of the contest. which is the dress up thing. if u get lots of points on that part. then u will head for victory and win the contest!

What kind of contest do you need to win in to get a master ball in Pokemon ruby?

You can only get a master ball in the team magma base near lilycove city in ruby or emerald.

How can you hang out with Justin bieber?

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