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You wear compression shorts like boxer-briefs under soccer kits ect. They are comfortable to wear but kind of like tight underwear. The nylon- lycra type are comfortable to wear.

Compression shorts are tight but not too tight, and are very comfortable to wear. I would not recommend wearing any underwear under them. Some are designed to use a "cup" for certain sports. They are fine just the way they are, even for non-sports reasons. They can be worn as underwear most of the time.

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Q: How do you wear compression shorts?
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What do footballers wear under their shorts?

compression shorts

Do you where underwear with compression shorts?

No, Infact some people wear compression shorts as underwear

What do rugby players wear under their shorts?

Rugby Players Wear Compression Shorts Under Their Shorts Usually.

Is it safe for diabetics to wear compression shorts?

It is safe for diabetics to wear compression shorts. In fact, compression shorts may even help blood flow for a diabetic. It certainly isn't going to hurt them.

Do you need pads in your pants if you wear padded compression shorts?

yes the pads in compression shorts don't help enough

Do baseball players wear jocks?

Yes, most do, or they wear compression shorts.

Do You Have To Wear A Cup In The NBA.?

No, and most do not. Many do wear compression shorts however.

Do you wear compression shorts with underwear?

Not necessary but down to preference.

What do basketball players wear?

They wear a top with some shorts. They wear a top with athletic shorts. Some wear a headband on top. They also should wear compression shorts only on the bottom, which are very comfortable.

When playing lacrosse should you wear your jock and cup over or under your compression shorts?

I wear my jock and cup over my compression shorts. My compression shorts have a contour pouch that keeps my junk contained, so it stays under the cup. The above answer is totally incorrect! You should wear your compression shorts over your cup-jockstrap so that the compression shorts hold your cup tight against your body! If you wear your cup over your compression shorts, your cup might not fit tight to your body and a blow there could just slam the cup against your testicles, causing pain and possible injury. Some cup-jockstraps do not hold the cup firmly in place against the body.

Are you suppossed to wear underwear under compression shorts?

Yes! you should it is better

Is it ok to wear boxers while skateboarding?

NO! where tighty-whiteys or compression shorts

What is the difference between sliding shorts and compression shorts?

sliding shorts typically have padding compression do not

Is it ok to wear compression shorts under a swimsuit?

Yes, many guys tend to do it

What type of underwear do football players wear?

They wear compression shorts (spandex) with pockets in them so the can put their cup in it

What type of people would wear a compression short?

Some people that wear compression shorts are athletes. Athletes wear these because they are nicer to run or do whatever they are doing with them. Makes it a lot easier on them.

What would a football player use instead of a jock?

a lot of modern football players wear compression shorts instead of a jock. Compression shorts do not hold the penis and testicles as firmly as a jock does.

Do you wear underwear under compression shorts?

Seems totally unneeded, but whatever floats your boat.

What materials are Under Armour compression shorts made out of?

Under Armour makes a collection of athletic wear that is thin, flexible, and insulating. The compression shorts, for example, are made from a special form of synthetic microfiber.

Are compression shorts underwear?


Do high school basketball players wear jockstraps?

Some probably do, others might wear compression shorts. It's important to wear something for support.

Can you wear compression shorts as underwear?

Of course! Many sports players wear it as underwear and not just for sports, even as an everyday underwear. There is no reason not to.

Do pee wee football wear jockstraps?

No. Close fitting compression shorts that wick away moisture are preferred.

What to wear under basketball shorts if people pants you?

Compression shorts or Boxer Briefs!! Boxers are nice & comfy but if someone pantses you they might come down too.

Is it ok to have compression shorts longer then shorts?

yes but it is not very fassionable.