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Its placed in a compartment housed in a jock strap or an athletic supporter

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Q: How do you wear an athletic cup?
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When should you wear an athletic supporter?

You should definitely wear an athletic supporter anytime you need a protective cup, so sports where you might get hit. But you should also wear an athletic supporter for non contact sports like running to keep from bouncing and twisting.

Do you wear an athletic cup under your leather racing suit to protect your balls while riding superbike?


What underwear should a footballer wear?

You should wear an athletic supporter at the very least, personally I would definatly wear a cup too, for added protection, although this is a personal choice and depends on your position.

What type of jockstraps do mma fighters use?

fighters dont wear jockstraps they use , specialized underwear that protects the "boys" well and keeps errything in place

Can you put a cup on without a jockstrap?

You need some sort of jockstrap or compression short or it will not protect you. A cup must fit tight against the body to work properly. A loose-fitting cup will only slam into the testicles when an impact occurs, which can then cause pain and injury. Even some athletic cup-shorts which are being sold do not hold the cup tight against the body. Just because athletic shorts have a pouch for a cup does not mean that the athletic shorts will hold the cup in place firmly. You can put a cup on without a jockstrap, but not a real good idea unless you wear something over the cup to hold it in place real good against your body. I suppose some guys might want to wear a cup to "enhance" their bulge. If they are not going to be playing sports or working, I suppose that would be okay for them if they just want to "enhance" their male appearance.

Your 11 yr old son says the other boys don't wear a cup playing tackle football so he doesn't want to either. Can anyone explain why or why not a cup should be used?

When I was young my coaches told us a cup was not necessary for football but it was manditory to wear something for support (a jock strap/athletic supporter). it is more important in baseball to wear a cup because the baseballs are thrown and hit at high speeds.

What pads do lacrosse goalies wear?

Goalies are required to wear a helmet, throat guard, mouthpiece, chest protector, gloves, athletic cup, and cleats, optional equipment includes shin guards and padded goalie pants.

What does a referee wear for ball hockey?

Striped shirt, black pants, athletic shoes, eye protection if necessary, and most importantly if you are a male a protective cup with supporter.

How can you wear a athletic cup besides with a jock strap?

I don't know, but if they can make bra work for me without straps.... But then I doubt if it will ever be part of a fashion statement. Lol

How do you prevent injuries while goaltending in lacrosse?

Wear a good cupWear a good pair of goaltending glovesif you are bruised by a ball, go see a athletic trainer and get iced

Who invented the athletic cup?

The "cup" was invented by CF Bennett of Chicago in 1874.

Which golfers endorse Under Armour Golf athletic wear?

The only golfer to endorse Under Armour Golf athletic wear is 19 year old Jordan Spieth. He has just qualified for the PGA and he started to endorse the athletic wear in January 2013.

Was the winner of the FA Cup in 1947?

Charlton Athletic was the winner of the FA Cup in 1947.

Is the Big and Tall athletic wear as affordable as the normal athletic wear?

For affordable big and tall athletic wear a trip to or would be a good place to start looking. From there a more upscale store would be REI which has both retail stores and an online presence.

What werer fa cup winners in 1946?

Charlton Athletic were the FA cup winners in 1946.

Was the winner of the FA Cup in 2013?

Wigan Athletic FC was the winner of the FA Cup in 2013.

Any guys out there like wearing an athletic cup?

Well, i wouldn't say that I like it, but I wear one for assurance that a ball won't hit me in the "thing". It wasn't very comfortable at first, but you get used to it.

What do weightlifters wear?

I just wear sneakers, athletic shorts, and a sleeveless shirt.

What is footlocker best known for?

Athletic wear.

What do athletic trainers wear?

short kackee

Why wear an athletic supporter?

An athletic supporter or jockstrap supports mens or boys genitals against their body, preventing injury to the testicles and providing comfort during strenuous athletics. Supporters are also used to hold an athletic cup for use during contact sports, which protect the genitals from contact with other players or thrown or hit balls or pucks (as in baseball, lacrosse, hockey, etc.).

Should you wear a cup in a wetsuit?

I wear a cup under my wetsuit when I wakeboard. I am learning flips and raleys right now so to protect myself I wear a cup.

Who won the 2003 2004 Scottish Cup?

The Cup was won by Celtic who defeated Dunfermline Athletic in the final.

Should you be wearing a jockstrap for rugby?

It's a personal preference, but I definitely would wear a cup--so a jock is needed for that, if nothing else. Yes! I play rugby and always were a jockstrap and most of the time I wear a cup. It keeps our "junk" protected and in place.

When was athletic cup invented?

The athletic cup, also known as a jock strap, was invented by C. F. Bennett in 1874. It was originally invented for bicycle jockeys who rode their bikes on the cobblestone streets of Boston