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Vexed means to be annoyed, so an example of vexed ina sentence would be: I was vexed at the slow salesclerks.

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Q: How do you use the word vexed in sentence?
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How do you use vexed in a sentence?

i was vexed by her stupid actions .

Vexed in a sentence?

vexed in a sentence is: the government had to deal with the vexed question of how to reduce spending. ---- The above is not a correct English-English use of the word vexed meaning perplexed or confused or a problematic issue. The word vexed is an adjective and cannot be used in the way shown. A more correct version of the above would be: "The government were vexed by the question of how to deal with reduced spending. ". You don't tend to find it used much these days in common language, but if you ever read Shakespeare you will find the phrase "He was sorely vexed" used frequently.

What is a sentence with the word vexed in it?

If someone has ever excessively bothered your sister, they have vexed your sister (a quote from Kate and Leopold). When monkeys eat bananas

How do you use the word vexed in a sentence?

She only said those things to vex me.The boy tried his hardest to annoy and vex his teacher. It is impolite to vex anyone.

A sentence for vexed?

Vexed refers to a problem being difficult or debatable, and it also means feeling worried or annoyed. A sentence with vexed is " Since he was vexed by the outcome, he decided to leave."

How can you change the sentence you were really mad?

You was very vexed

What is another word for vexed?

Vexed is a very old fashioned word meaning unhappy or angry. it can also mean cursed or to have a spell on you.

What does the word vexed mean in the bible?


How would you use the word vexing in a sentence?

The staff met do discuss ways to improve communication in our department, but we couldn't find solutions to some of the most vexing problems.

Where did the word vexed derive?

This English word came from the Old French language in the early 15th century, which took it from the Latin language word "vexare" in the 14th century.

Use the word retentive in a sentence?

A good way to use retentive in a sentence is... "How do you use the word retentive in a sentence?"

How can you use the word ebullient in a sentence?

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