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Since dive computers are quite complex devices, please follow the link below for the manufactureres user guide.

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Q: How do you use the suunto gekko dive computer?
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Can you use suunto core as a diving watch?

Suunto techincians have added a cool feature on Suunto core, the dive log mode. It features the depth and the temperature underwater. It's though a bit risky to take it with you for scuba diving, because the water resistance of the wach is 30m and so in order to be on the safe side, it's better to be used from snorkelers which do NOT exceed the 15m.

Where may a person purchase a Suunto Vector brand watch online?

A Suunto Vector brand watch may be purchased online via Amazon's website or at Suunto's official website. However, price and shipping may vary depending on which location you use.

How do you determine the time limit for repetitive dive from a Personal dive computer?

use your log book enter all info into PDC

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Why do cave mappers prefer to use Suunto compasses as opposed to normal surveying equipment?

I would guess that it is because the Suunto's provide enough accuracy for the cave mappers purposes; they are easy to use; and they cost $100. Survey equipment would be more precise - but would require training, time, and cost several thousand dollars. If there is no purpose, why bother?

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