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Double Eagle guns are cheap Chinese toys. They cannot be upgraded.

You should buy Classic Army or Marui airsoft gun, they are easy to upgrade.

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Q: How do you upgrade the m85 double eagle airsoft gun?
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What is the meaning of a double eagle in gun?

double eagle is a brand of airsoft guns

Is double eagle m85 airsoft gun electric airsoft electric gun part metal?

it depends on what type of double eagle m85 you buy. I bought a full metal one and it works great.

How can you get a manuel for the double eagle airsoft rifle?

Yes! It should have came with the gun

What kind of bbs does the Colt Double Eagle airsoft gun hold?

standard 6mm plastic bbs.

Where can you get a Colt Double Eagle spring airsoft gun in black?

Don't think you can. If you can take yours apart you can paint it.

Can a 5000 round magazine fit into a x36 double eagle m85 electric airsoft gun?

No, but i love it down me

Can you upgrade the be xm8 airsoft gun with a m130 spring out of box?


Can you get a bigger clip for the double eagle m82 airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns do not have clips, they have magazines. Clips are a silly cyber gaming term which reveals your noobishness. Use proper terminology.

What is airsoft s-system?

A gun, in your case an airsoft gun, that states that it has an s-system, such as a jg m4 s-system, is referring to an ris-system that the gun has. An ris system is a system of rails on which you can place various sights, scopes, flashlights, lasers, etc. I know because my airsoft gun is a double eagle m88 m4 s-system.

Where is the battery charger on the double eagle m83 airsoft gun?

Remove the front barrel handguard. The battery pack is inside. It has a pigtail that plugs into a charger.

Information about a desert eagle bb gun?

There are 5 different models of the Desert Eagle BB gun not including the Baby Desert Eagle. Specify which model and Maker you are asking about. regular BB Gun or AirSoft.

Where can you get a double eagle gun?

The original Colt Double Eagle pistol was made from 1990-1997, and went out of production. Shopping for one of those is best done through an on line firearms auction site. However, while the REAL Doble Eagle was not very popular, it was used as the model for rather popular airsoft guns. Check on airsoft forums- copes were made by a number of companies.