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Play games and slowly one by one each shoe should be unlocked. Slowly after a while you will unlock all the shoes. Though there is no cheat to unlock all the shoes in one go.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-31 07:22:28
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Q: How do you unlock every jordans in nba2k11?
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How do you get signature Air Jordan's on NBA2k11?

You Have To Unlock All The Jordan Sneakers

How do you unlock mj in nba2k11?

You do not unlock him. You unlock the mode to play as him in a team as a rookie, it's called mj creating a legend. You can't as him in the association or an exhibition match.

How do you unlock Micheal Jordan on nba2k11 on psp?

You have to finish the Jordan Challenge. You can use the cheat.....icanbe23.

How do you unlock Michael Jordan shoes on nba2k11?

Keep playing till you reach 40 shoes

Can you play as Jordan in the association mode in NBA2K11?

No you can not you can only play as Jordan when you finish the Jordan challenge and unlock the mode or use a cheat to unlock the mode.

How do you unlock Michael Jordan on nba2k10?

no,you can't unlock Michael Jordan because 2k sports didn't make Michael Jordan and they will maked it this 2011 for the nba2k11

Where to buy fake Jordans?

you can buy fake jordans in almost every Arab store & every non- popular store.

How do you get to play with the ABA ball in nba2k11?

You have to use the cheat payrespect in codes or cheats. This will unlock the ABA ball when playing a game.

How many pairs of Jordans do michael Jordan have?

He kept six pairs of every type of Jordans.

Does nba2k11 have association mode?

Yes there is an association mode in nba2k11. Have fun :)

Unlock Jordan challenge for nba2k11?

It is in the main menu, complete it and you will unlock MJ creating a legend. You start as a rookie-Micheal Jordan, He already has been drafted and your ready to start your first match in the NBA.

How do you unlock Jordans in 2k11?

there is no sepcific way to unlock them. you just keep playing. i have unlocked some mostly playing my player and the Jordan challenge's/MJ: Creating a Legend.

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