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Q: How do you unlock all the clothes in your wardrobe?
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How do you get all the clothes on Zwinky?

If you mean how to unlock your wardrobe clothes, then you have to earn at least 2000 zcheivments. Sadly, the zwinky people took away all of the cheats to unlocking the wardrobe.

How do you unlock clothes on zwinky?

To unlock the clothes on Zwinky you have to get 2000 zchievements by exploring and playing games. Once you get the 2000 zchievments, logout then login again, go to your wardrobe, and all of your clothes should be unlocked!

What do you do if you use a cheat to unlock your wardrobe but it does not show your outfit?

When you use the cheat to unlock your wardrobe it will not let you save it. It is only so you can look at the items. You will have to get 2000 zchievments and then you can unlock and save the new clothes.

Zwinky unlock clothes?

get on your wardrobe and then click a locked item and the push F5. get on your wardrobe and then click a locked item and the push F5.

Cheat codes for zwinky to unlock wardrobe?

the all u have to do is give some one your pass then u have a code to unlock wardrobe

Where does Kat in Eastenders get her clothes?

All clothes for Kat was designed by the wardrobe department.

What cheat do you use to unlock your wardrobe on zwinky?

Go into the wardrobe and under purchases hit f5 and then it will unlock.

Can you get all your clothes on zwinky?

When you start out on zwinky you 1st get 100 bucks but when you go to ur wardrobe u see that sum clothes are locked. How 2 unlock them is u have 2 get 2000 bucks on zwinky and this is kirahbaby1234 on zwinky

How do I unlock MY zwinky wardrobe?

You have to get 2000 Zchievments to unlock your wardrobe. You can get Zchievments by playing games and walking around Zwinktopia.LauraJ32

What does wardrobe mean?

Wardrobe is the place where we arrange and store our clothes

How do you ulock the clothes for zwinky?

To unlock the locked clothes in your wardrobe, you need to get 2000 Zchievments. You can get more Zchievments by just visiting places around Zwinktopia and playing games. LauraJ32

How can i go to my wardrobe?

How can I go to my wardrobe, so I can Put my person in clothes!!??

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